Ryu Jung-il apologized to Lee Yi-ri or looked at his finger first

KIA Tigers pitcher Lee Yi-ri has joined the Korean National Baseball Team for the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

It was the first time he met the team’s manager, Ryu Jung-il, whom he had met at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

But did Ryu apologize or point the finger at Lee?
The APBC team convened in Daegu on Nov. 5 and began training at Lions Park on Nov. 6.

The team will train until the 13th before departing for Tokyo, Japan on the 14th.
The APBC, which runs from Nov. 16 to 19, is a national competition for players aged 24 and under or within their third year of playing.

Korea will be joined by Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Ryu Jung-il, who led Korea to a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, has been appointed as the APBC head coach to ensure continuity.
The meeting between Lee and Ryu is noteworthy because of the controversy surrounding the changes to the Hangzhou Asian Games team.

Lee was dropped from the roster one day before the Hangzhou Asian Games in favor of outfielder Yoon Dong-hee.
The ostensible reason for the change was a blistered finger. 카지노

“We decided it was difficult for Lee Yi-ri to throw more than 80 pitches due to a blistered finger,” Ryu said at a press conference on September 23.
However, Lee proved that the blister was not affecting him by making his first regular-season start (77 pitches in seven innings against the NC on Sept. 27).

Lee continued to pitch well in October, posting a 2.25 ERA and 20 strikeouts in three starts.

Eventually, the KBO’s Power Enhancement Committee and head coach Ryu Jung-il made the decision to include Lee in the APBC roster after leaving him off the Asian Games roster.
The underlying issue with the controversy over the Asian Games roster change was courtesy and respect for the players.

Lee never received a detailed explanation from Ryu or the KBO’s Power Enhancement Committee about the reasons behind the change.

He was simply informed of the change through his club.

This shows a complete lack of consideration for the feelings of the players they handpicked.
Whether it was an injury or a lack of performance, it would have been sincere to discuss the reason for the substitution with the player and seek his understanding a day before the call-up date.

However, Ryu’s “no 80-pitch theory” backfired when it didn’t work out.
Lee stayed fit after the regular season ended and did his best to make the team, and Ryu and Lee met face-to-face in Daegu as the team prepared for the APBC.

Speaking to the media on the first day of training, Ryu mentioned that he had met with Lee to check the condition of his finger.

This also aggravated the public opinion of KIA fans.
One baseball insider said, “It’s the role of an adult to admit wrongdoing and deliver a sincere apology, even if it’s a lowly one.

When I met Lee, I wondered if he apologized first or if he looked at his finger first.”
Lee Yi Ri was the more mature one and showed his sincere behavior towards Taekwondo.

Lee Yi-ri was not messy, but adults are messy.

It feels like the adults took the opportunity to tie it up neatly.

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