Yang Hyun-jun: “I’ve Come This Far Thanks to Gangwon FC Fans”

Gangwon FC President Kim Jin-tae (Governor of Gangwon Special Provincial Office) met with Yang Hyun-jun, who is transferring to Celtic FC, a prestigious Scottish club, at the Trade Counseling Office of the Gangwon Provincial Office on the 17th to congratulate and encourage him.

“Congratulations on your entry into Europe,” Kim said to Yang, “and thank you for your dedication to Gangwon FC and the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province. I look forward to your future dazzling performances.”

Owner Kim said, “Yang Hyun-joon is a key striker for Gangwon FC. He is a player who is like a girder to our team, and CEO Kim Byung-ji must have had a lot of worries considering various circumstances,” he said, referring to the twists and turns of the transfer process.

“Why should he miss the opportunity to enter Europe, which every soccer player dreams of, and I hope he will grow into a world-class player like Son Heung-min,” he said, wishing Yang Hyun-joon success in the future.

“Please consider our Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province as your second home and come back often,” Kim said.

CEO Kim Byung-ji, who was present at the event, said, “Yang Hyun-joon is the future and treasure of Gangwon FC. We decided to transfer him for the sake of his dreams and the future of Korean soccer. I hope he will become a bigger player at Celtic and repay the support and love he received from Gangwon FC fans.”

“I was able to come this far thanks to the interest and affection of Gangwon FC fans and many people,” Yang said, “I will always remember the love I received from Gangwon FC and the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province.”

Yang was born in Busan in 2002 and graduated from Busan Sangri-cho, Geoje Dongbujung, and Busan Information High School before joining Gangwon FC in 2021.

He played mainly as a flanker and won the 2022 K League Young Player of the Year award for his sharp flanking and breakaway attacks that helped Gangwon FC leap to the top of the K League 1 in 2022.

He participated in the 2022 K League All-Star Game against Tottenham Hotspur FC, of which Son Heung-min is a member, and drew attention from fans with his explosive performance.

This year, he also played as a leading striker for Gangwon FC in the K League 1, and during the summer transfer window, he moved to Scottish top flight club Celtic FC. 파워볼사이트

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