What good is 70% possession…’Frustrating offense’ Chelsea lose 0-2 to Brentford

A frustrating offense once again held Chelsea back.

Chelsea lost 0-2 to Brentford in the 10th round of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on Aug. 28 at 8:30 p.m. ET. With the loss, Chelsea dropped to 11th in the league without a point.

Chelsea brought a 4-2-3-1 formation. Jackson, Sterling, Palmer, Madueke, Kayseredo, Gallagher, Colwill, Silva, Dissah, and Kukurela started, with Sanchez in goal. Against them, Brentford utilized a 3-5-2 formation. Wissah, Mbomo, Hickey, Janelt, Njengor, Jensen, Roerslev, Collins, Pinnock, and Ayer filled out the starting lineup, with Flecken in goal.

Brentford opened the scoring. In the third minute of the first half, they attacked from a throw-in and Mbemo picked up a second ball in the box, but his shot was blocked by the defense. Chelsea responded with a quick counterattack. Jackson and Sterling broke through to the front of the box and Palmer tried to cross for Sterling, but the ball didn’t connect.

Chelsea seized the momentum. In the sixth minute, after receiving a pass from Cucurella, Jackson used his speed to attack from the left flank and beat the defense before unleashing a delicate shot that went wide left of the goal. Chelsea swallowed their disappointment. In the ninth minute, a quick counter-attack gave them a chance and Madueke unleashed a powerful shot, but the ball hit the post.

Chelsea continued to press. In the 11th minute, Gallagher won the ball in the box and fired a right-footed mid-range shot that was saved by the keeper. Chelsea didn’t stop attacking. In the 18th minute, Palmer picked up the ball on the right side of the half-space and crossed for the penetrating Kukurela, who headed straight at the keeper.

Chelsea struggled to capitalize on their chances. In the 19th minute, Sterling received a pass from Palmer in the box and tried his luck with a right-footed shot, but the ball sailed over the bar. From there, it was all Chelsea. They made several moves into the half-space and looked to create chances, but couldn’t find the finish.

Chelsea had their first shot on target in a long time. In the 37th minute, after penetrating the left flank, Kukurela sent in a cross that Madueke met with a left-footed shot that was deflected by the opposition defense for a corner. No further goals were scored and the first half ended 0-0.

Brentford had the first shot of the second half. In the fourth minute of the second half, they attacked down the right side of the box, and after receiving a pass in the box, Yannert tried to take a direct shot with his right foot, but Sanchez got an outstretched arm to block it. Chelsea fought back. In the 11th minute of the second half, Jackson picked up the ball on the right side of the half-space and attempted a left-footed curling shot, but the ball sailed over the bar.

Brentford took the lead first. In the 12th minute, Mbemo crossed from the right side of the box and the onrushing Pinnock sent a header into the Chelsea net. After conceding the lead, Chelsea made a change. In the 22nd minute of the second half, Disassi and Madueke came off for James and Martial.

In the closing minutes, Chelsea failed to capitalize on a crucial chance. In the 40th minute, they attacked from a corner and Gallagher’s cross was met by Silva with a header that went over the bar. Sheffield had a chance to put the game away. In the 바카라 44th minute, they attacked on a quick counter-attack and after receiving a pass from Mbembo in the box, Yarmoluk had a one-on-one chance, but his shot was saved by Sanchez.

Brentford ended the game. In second-half stoppage time, the visitors counter-attacked, clearing a corner kick, and Mbembo slotted the ball into an empty Chelsea net. The game ended with a 2-0 win for Brentford.

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