Rashford turned away, a depleted squad…and the shadow of United’s four-game winning streak

The second half seemed to turn the tide, but that was not the case.

“United manager Eric ten Haag has barely spoken to Marcus Rashford, 26,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Aug. 28 (KST).

The Red Devils lost 1-2 to Fulham in the 26th round of the 2023/2024 English Premier League (EPL) season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, on April 24.

It was a shocking defeat. It was the first time United had lost to Fulham at Old Trafford since October 2003.

The shock was compounded by the fact that they were on a four-game winning streak. United had won their last four league games in a row, raising hopes of a top-four finish.

However, the mood within the team was apparently not good. According to reports, the relationship between Van Gaal and star striker Rashford has broken down to the point where they are no longer speaking.

Rashford did not attend training last month ahead of the FA Cup round of 64 against Newport County. The reason for his absence was reportedly due to illness.

It wasn’t true. Rashford was spotted visiting the club the day before training. Rashford’s behavior was heavily criticized by local media and United fans alike.

“In soccer, you need discipline,” Ten Haag said in an interview at the time. It’s the same on the pitch and off the pitch,” he said at the time.

“We have to focus on winning the game. Rashford has taken responsibility. It’s just an internal matter. The case is closed,” he added.

Despite Van Gaal’s comments, the fallout from the incident remains. “Ten Haag has had a private meeting with Rashford, but the relationship between the two sides has not been restored,” The Sun reported.

His feud with his manager has led to a lack of focus. Rashford has scored just five goals in 31 appearances this season. In the month of February, he scored just one goal.

The problem is that his frustration with Van Gaal is growing. The same day, the British publication The Guardian reported that “United’s players asked Mourinho for a break after the game against Fulham on February 24, but were refused”.

Van Gaal’s training sessions are known for their intensity. United’s players started the season already exhausted because of the way he trained them in the pre-season.

Depleted stamina led to poor performances. United lost four of their last nine games from August to September. They also suffered a rash of injuries early in the season.

The fitness issues have resurfaced recently. The Red Devils have been on an 바카라사이트 eight-game, back-to-back league and FA Cup run since last month, which has drained their stamina.

The depletion has led to injuries. It’s no wonder that players like Rasmus Höyelun, Lisandro Martinez, Mason Mount, and others are suffering from injuries.

They weren’t given enough rest. According to The Guardian, Ten Haag always analyzed the previous day”s game the day after the match and conducted recovery training. This is where the players felt the fatigue.

The Guardian reported, “Ten Haag was baffled by the players’ request for rest. He rejected the request for rest, demanding that the players give their best after a disappointing performance.”

With just one defeat in a four-game winning streak, the mood is not as good as it could be for any team. A dark shadow looms over United as they prepare for the Manchester derby against Manchester City on April 4.


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