Munich should spend a lot of money and buy players who are suitable for Zidane’s tactics

I know it’s tempting to praise the great “legend” Zinedine Zidane, but you’ve gone too far. 

Zidane is a man who has achieved success both as a player and as a manager. As a player, he was a legend at Real Madrid and a legend in France, especially as the manager of the French national team during its golden age. The centerpiece of the French ‘art saker’. He won the 1998 World Cup in France and Euro 2000. 

He was also successful as a manager. He led Real Madrid to their first three consecutive UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles of the 21st century. 

Zidane has yet to find a new job since leaving Real Madrid in 2021. He recently expressed his desire to return to the field and has received several offers. There’s no team that wouldn’t want Zidane. Manchester United and Bayern Munich are among the favorites. 

Zidane’s teammate, French World Cup and Euro legend Marcel Desailly, a defender with 116 caps for France, sees Bayern Munich as the best fit for Zidane, and he sees Zidane as the coach the crumbling club needs most. 

But there are many demands. He urged Bayern Munich to listen to his demands. He went too far. This was after Zidane had been confirmed as Bayern Munich manager, and recent local media reports have suggested that Zidane favors Manchester United over 먹튀검증 Bayern Munich for reasons including the language barrier. 

Nevertheless, DeSai told Germany’s Sport1: “Bayern Munich must get the right player for Zidane. There are very few players at Bayern Munich who are suitable for Zidane’s philosophy and tactics, the 4-3-3. If Bayern Munich want to completely overhaul their team, they need to spend a lot of money to buy players who fit Zidane’s philosophy and tactics.” 

“There’s no reason why Bayern Munich shouldn’t do that. If Bayern Munich really want to make a radical change, it would be a huge opportunity to bring in Zidane and bring in the players he needs.” 

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