NC Kim Seong-wook, Comforted by the Home Run

‘Slow batting’ NC Kim Seong-wook “I was comforted by the home run and swung with confidence”

One video review saved the NC Dinos and outfielder Kim Seong-wook at the same time.

On the 22nd, a thrilling scene occurred in the top of the 9th inning when NC and Kiwoom faced each other 3-3.

Kim Seong-wook was driven to a full count with no runners on 2 outs, and he pulled the 6th fastball of Joo Seung-woo as the closer.

The batted ball flew to the left fence and went into the glove of a spectator waiting in front of it.

Kiwoom requested a video review. 카지노

The idea was that if there had been no interference from the crowd, the batted ball could have hit the fence and landed on the ground.

However, the home run ruling was maintained, and NC secured a bridgehead to chase the lead with two consecutive wins.

It was also a moment for Kim Seong-wook, who had a season batting average of only 0.199 before today’s game, to regain his confidence to survive in the competition for the starting spot.

Kim Seong-wook, whom we met after the game, was heartbroken and said, “I was nervous because I didn’t know if it was a double or a home run.

I wasn’t sure, so I waited desperately and anxiously.”

Kim Seong-wook said, “I recently trained to push the ball, but the coach said, ‘I think it would be better to hit hard today,’ so I focused on that.”

He added, “(Joo Seung-woo’s) main weapon is a fastball, so even if he strikes out, “The idea was not to miss the fastball,” he said.

Kim Seong-wook has been on a downward trend since hitting a season batting average of 0.264 on the 17th of last month and has fallen to .200.

“He has lost confidence and is stressed,” he said.

“I am trying to confidently turn my home run pace into a consolation, thinking that if there are bad days, there are also good days.”

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