‘Winning the tournament for three consecutive weeks’ “I’m happy to see the kids’ hard work and dedication paid off,” says Jang Dong-young, Gimpo SK principal

“I’m glad that we were able to show the kids the value of the sweat and hard work they put in every day and give them a sense of accomplishment.” Gimpo SK head coach Jang Dong-young shares his thoughts on winning three consecutive tournaments.

The Gimpo SK Basketball Class (headed by Jang Dong-young) won the U12 division at the ‘1st Guri City Association Janggi’ in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, on Saturday, May 1. After winning the Incheon National Team Selection Tournament and the Harmony League Gyeongin Region at the end of May, Gimpo SK 카지노사이트킴 won the tournament for the third consecutive week.

“We thought it would be difficult because the teams in the same group were so strong,” said Jang Dong-young. However, the dramatic win in the second game of the preliminary round was very exciting, and I was very happy that the kids were strong in the penalty shootout. It feels great to have won for three weeks in a row, showing them the value of the sweat and hard work they put in every day and giving them a sense of accomplishment.”

According to Jang Dong-young, Gimpo SK stepped up their game at this tournament after a disappointing result at the Namyangju Association Jangbae in early May, where they fell short due to a lack of stamina in the final match. After securing victories against strong teams in the qualifiers, Gimpo SK is on a winning streak as they lifted the trophy.

Hong Young-min of the U12 team said, “I think we were able to win the championship because of the experience we gained from practicing and competing in various tournaments, and because we worked well together as a team. I am even more pleased that my hard work paid off because I remembered Coach Jang Dong-young’s words to be confident when given the opportunity. I am grateful to Coach Jang for his hard work and guidance.”

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