T1 wins the match thanks to Kumayushi-Keria 1:1

T1 fought back in game two. KT Rolster had a Lucian-centric combination, but Kumayushi-Keria tore apart their plan by winning the bot two-on-two fight.

It was T1 who scored first. Woo-je “Zeus” Choi’s Xanthe and “Owner” Moon “Hyun-jun” Moon’s Vayga dive picked off “Ki-in” Kim’s Nar. KT Rolster took a kill in the convergence fight on the dragon side and evened the kill score at 1:1. KT Rolster then seemed to seize the initiative with another kill on Bai, but T1’s bot duo hit the right spot. They picked up a double kill in a 2v2 fight and found themselves executed. The mood quickly changed.

The rushed KT Rolster went for the buy a little too hard and was hit with a counterattack, leaving them open to a well-timed Goku from Moon “Curse” Woo-chan. Fortunately, in the dragon battle, Kwak “Biddy” Bo-sung’s Karma and Kim “Aiming” Haram’s Lucian survived to the end, creating a 2:2 kill exchange. However, the decision to target mid laner Sibir turned into a handshake. Shibir’s quick reaction caught Goku, and T1 took the Baron as loot, with Xanthe picking up an extra kill in the process.

The global gold was now over 6,000, and all KT Rolster could do for now was play Mercury, which kept getting kills in the process. The firepower of Sibir and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk’s Oriana was too much for them to handle, 고스톱 but they also didn’t have the damage to break through Xanthe. Eventually, an ace around the 30-minute mark sealed the game for T1.

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