2023 Season 1 Carrier Showdown, winner is T1

The winner of the first carrier battle of the 2023 season was T1. The bot duo of Kumayushi and Keria shined in this match.

T1 took the early lead. ‘Owner‘ Moon’s Sejuani and ‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-je’s Renekton caught ‘Cuz’ Moon’s Goku through the counter jungle. KT Rolster seemed to take a breather after a long and drawn-out chase, taking down Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk’s Cassadine, but while picking up the Herald of the Gorge, Kwak “Bididdy” Bo-seong’s Rise was cut. The gap in personnel also drastically reduced the health of the mid and bot first tower.

With his growth stunted by extreme roaming, Son Xiu’s Heimerdinger was too easily picked off by T1’s ranged skill combo. Even Goku, who had a clear view, was stuck with Ryu “Keria” Min-seok’s Ash’s ultimate and suffered his second death. Now, the KT roster could only rely on Jerry, who had grown accustomed to receiving lines alone.

However, the gap was too big for Jerry to turn the game around on his own. The first five-on-five in the mid resulted in an ace for T1 with no casualties. At 19-minutes, the KT Rolster saw Ash all alone and charged in, but it took longer than expected, and the rejoined T1 main squad picked up a one-sided kill. 토토사이트 They also picked up a Hat Baron. Pushing with the Baron buff, T1 closed out the game in about 24 minutes.

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