‘Please call me Tony’…Woori Card’s Kim Ji-han’s English Sammae Sutra

Kim Ji-han, 23, an outside hitter for the men’s professional volleyball team Woori Card, has fallen in love with English.

He is eager to learn English 토토 because he believes that it is important for the younger volleyball players to see the effort that the seniors put into their studies.

“I’m taking English classes twice a week,” said Kim Ji-han at the V-League Men’s Media Day held at Cheongdam Rivera Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 11. I started with three months in mind, but I’m planning to take it longer.”

Kim started studying English last August. As he cannot neglect his training to prepare for the season, he has been taking virtual classes twice a week on the video education platform ‘Supaza’ during his personal breaks.

The V-League introduced an Asian quarter this season, allowing each team to have two foreign players. Kim chose to study English because she wanted to be able to communicate with foreign players to create synergy on the court.

She also emphasizes the importance of studying to her juniors and plans to travel abroad on her own after the season ends.

Her attitude toward English is also serious. Kim Na-young, the ‘Supaja’ in charge of Kim Ji-han’s class, said, “Kim Ji-han’s English is improving day by day. I’m surprised that he always works hard on his homework.” “At this rate, he will be able to travel abroad by himself after the season.”

He even has an English name. When asked about his “favorite musician,” Kim was able to understand which actor from his favorite movie, “The Avengers,” and answered “Iron Man” Tony Stark, which led to his English name, “Tony.

“It’s not easy because I haven’t studied for a long time, but I’m having fun because my teacher has prepared a lot,” Kim said, adding, “I’m happy that I’m getting more and more confident in English.”

The club has also posted a video titled “Kim Ji-han’s Peachy English Study” on the club’s YouTube channel to give fans something different.

From his first meeting with his teacher to taking a quiz with foreign player Matej Kok, the video is attracting a lot of attention from fans.

“We have received and continue to receive inquiries from other players who want to study, so we will expand the English learning experience,” said a Woori Card official.

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