“I’m so happy to wear the TWINS on my chest”

“I had a very difficult time deciding (to retire from active duty), but the only reason I decided was that I could continue to wear the LG Twins jersey and not another team’s jersey.”

Former LG Twins infielder Jung Joo-hyun, who announced his retirement from active play, said goodbye to fans.

“First of all, I would like to tell the fans that I sincerely thank them for giving me so much attention and love for 15 years. I have decided to retire from active play after this season and start the second act of my life as a leader,” Jung said on Instagram on Feb. 2.

“It was a very difficult time for me to make this decision, but the only reason I decided to retire was because I could continue to wear the LG Twins jersey and not another team’s jersey,” Jung said.

thanking the organization for giving him the opportunity to transform into a leader.

“That’s what the LG Twins are to me. I was happy and honored to play with the TWINS mark on my chest for 15 years, and I am so happy and grateful to continue to wear the TWINS mark on my chest,” he said,

“I joined the LG Twins at the end of the dark ages in 2009, and for 15 years until we won our first championship in 29 years in 2023, Jung was able to grow with good teachers, play happy baseball with a good organization, 온라인카지노 learn a lot with good seniors, have fun with good friends, and win a championship with good teammates. I was very happy and it was a very unforgettable memory,” he said.

He concluded by saying, “Now I want to thank our No. 1 LG Twins fans, who have always been No. 1 to me, regardless of our record. I’m so grateful, so grateful, so grateful. I will greet you as a good leader in the future,” he promised.

Chung, meanwhile, joined LG in 2009 after graduating from Daegu High School and played 762 games in the first team, batting .233 with 18 home runs, 153 RBIs, 260 runs scored and 68 stolen bases in 1,653 at-bats and 392 hits.

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