After the chaos of the Champions League, Liverpool fans will receive refunds.

More than 19,000 tickets held by Liverpool supporters who attended the Champions League final last year, which was plagued by disorder and confusion outside Stade de France in Paris, will be refunded by the Federation of European Football Associations, an extraordinary move.

Last year, significant traffic problems outside the Stade de France overshadowed one of the greatest games on the football calendar. On their way to the highlight match versus Real Madrid, thousands of Liverpool supporters were trapped in an underpass, locked inside perimeter gates, and some were even subjected to police tear gas.

According to a Uefa-commissioned investigation, the governing body had “major responsibility” for the final’s organizational and safety shortcomings.

“We have taken into account a huge number 토토 of views expressed both publicly and privately and we believe we have devised a scheme that is comprehensive and fair,” said Uefa general secretary Theodore Theodoridis in a statement.

Theodoridis had earlier apologized to the traveling fans impacted by the commotion prior to the statement’s issuance.

“It is remarkable that no one lost their life,” the investigation panel wrote in a 220-page document.

The decision was made after an independent investigation determined that UEFA, the organization in charge of overseeing soccer in Europe, was to blame for the incident in which thousands of Liverpool supporters were denied entry to the Stade de France gates for the match on May 28 that Real Madrid ultimately won, 1-0. Video saw spectators being tear-gassed by French police, squashed in bottlenecks, and harassed by neighborhood gangs. The kickoff was delayed  by 36 minutes, after crowd control descended into chaos, particularly affecting the gates being used by Liverpool’s travelling fans from England. 

Following Madrid’s victory, neighborhood people robbed dozens of spectators as they were exiting the stadium. Theodoridis apologized to Liverpool supporters last month for “the experiences of many of them” and the unfair accusation. Football Supporters Europe, a supporter organization, applauded the decision to issue refunds.

In addition to those who were unable to enter the stadium before the scheduled kickoff time of 9 p.m. or who were unable to enter the stadium at all, refunds will be 바카라 available to all fans with tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y, and Z where the most difficult circumstances were reported.

Given the conditions, Liverpool’s official allocation of 19,618 tickets will all be refunded to supporters who purchased accessibility tickets together with those for their companions. Real Madrid and neutral supporters who meet the requirements may also be eligible for refunds.

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