KT head coach Kang Dong-hoon says, “It’s just the beginning we had a good showing against a strong team”

After the first set, the KT Rolster players celebrated. They had won with a near-perfect performance against the global powerhouse T1, but the celebration was short-lived. KT Rolster lost the second and third sets in straight sets. This was KT Rolster’s eighth consecutive loss in the carrier derby.

In a post-match interview, head coach Kang Dong-hoon said that despite the loss, the team gained something from the match. “KT Rolster played very well in the first set. The communication was good and the gameplay was great. However, there were some bad moments in the second and third sets. There were some things that we didn’t check in practice,” he said, sharing his thoughts on the loss.

The third-set bans were also discussed. KT Rolster picked Jerry as the champion to use alongside third-set support Heimerdinger. The banfic seemed to go awry when T1 took Varus and Ash at once.

Coach Kang Dong-hoon commented on the third-set banfic, saying, “We should have utilized our mid and jungle advantages, but the accident in the early game threw off our plans. We weren’t able to show what we needed to show against Cassadine, and Jerry wasn’t able to develop well. It’s a shame that it didn’t show up in practice,” he said.

Kang Dong-hoon and Son Xiu vowed to do better in future matches. “This is just the beginning,” said Kang Dong-hoon. It was encouraging to see what didn’t work, and it was good to find positives against a strong team.”

“There were some things we did well and some things we didn’t do well,” said Sun Xiu. Even though we lost 2:1 today, I think T1 is a strong team. 한국야동 We will try to be a team that can win 2:0 next time. We will reward our fans with a better performance in the next game.”

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