KIA 34-year-old nuclear catcher AVG 0.167 ‘ Happy Baseball’ [MD Changwon]

Wouldn’t it be happy baseball for catcher Kim Tae-gun (34), a transfer student from KIA? He played as the starting player in NC for a while, but for a long time he lived as a second player, blocked by Yang Eui-ui (Doosan) and Kang Min-ho (Samsung). He became a starting veteran, but there was a side that didn’t get many opportunities compared to his skills.

Kim Tae-gun’s trip to KIA was accomplished because KIA desperately wanted it, but it was also a blessing for Kim Tae-gun. Is there anything better than having a player play as a starting player, increase their value by playing a lot, contribute to the team, and be recognized for themselves? Kim Tae-gun showed it as soon as he transferred earlier this month. With his lively personality, he was instantly reborn as a key fighter catcher.

It didn’t take him long to prove that hitting, pitching lead, and defense were all worth living as a backup. However, he definitely catches his breath in the second half. He went 2-for-12 in 4 games with no RBI and no runs scored. In the match on the 26th, he led the pitchers well and contributed to the team’s great victory, but he recorded two double hits in the at-bat. His batting average is also not good at 0.242 in his last 10 games.

Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “Tae-goon is a bit difficult” ahead of the Changwon NC game on the 27th. However, coach Kim has no intention of giving Kim Tae-gun any time to rest. If it’s too hard, I’ll arrange my physical strength, but I think it’s more important to diligently match with the KIA pitchers now.

KIA is having an important period. All games in the second half are Game 7 of the Korean Series. Simply go beyond the 5 River and look up to it. 토토사이트 As long as Kim Tae-gun came, we should not be satisfied with 5th place when looking at the player composition. As I haven’t been able to work with KIA pitchers much before the season, I need to learn as much as possible through actual matches.

Director Kim said, “Tae-goon has to keep going. He has to receive a lot of pitchers’ pitches and play a lot. It’s going to be hard, but I’m trying to get it out.” In the case of the match on the 27th, backup Han Jun-su came out at the last minute, but there is a high possibility that Kim Tae-gun would basically play 5 times a week.

It can be said that Kim Tae-gun’s karate performance as he goes to the starting lineup every day represents his true value. Even if you miss a single hit at the plate, this time to get to know the pitchers is really valuable. The icing on the cake is when the pace rises to the hit.

It is also true that he needs substantial performance to get even a little better position in negotiating his non-FA multi-year contract beyond KIA’s 5th round. Kim Tae-gun’s agency and KIA working-level staff have already entered into contact. The industry observes that the contract is likely to be announced before the end of the season. The non-FA multi-year contract itself can motivate Kim Tae-goon, and if he shows better performance when he goes to the starting lineup, the contract size or terms will improve.

This is why Kim Tae-goon has no time to rest. It’s time for him to squeeze more strength for himself and for the team. As long as it doesn’t hurt.

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