‘Draw’ coach Seol Ki-hyun: “I’m glad we got a point”

“I’m glad we got a point.”

Gyeongnam FC head coach Seol Ki-hyun ~ Gyeongnam and Cheonan City FC were unable to draw. Gyeongnam and Cheonan drew 1-1 in the 27th round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 2 2023’ at the Changwon Football Center on the 21st. After Cheonan’s Lee Kwang-joon scored the first goal in the 40th minute from a corner kick to take the lead, Gyeongnam equalized in the 25th minute through Park Min-seo’s goal after receiving a cross from Gleason. Gyeongnam, who were looking to make a push for the top spot, were looking for three points against bottom-placed Cheonan, but came up short. Gyeongnam had to settle for third place with 42 points, overtaking Gimpo FC on goal difference. Cheonan snapped a three-game losing streak against powerhouse Gyeongnam.

Coach Seol said in the post-match press conference, “It was an important game that we had to win. I’m disappointed that we didn’t win. Cheonan is definitely better than the first and second round robins. They prepared well. We conceded a goal and had a difficult game, so I’m glad we were able to catch up and get a point.” “They played a 5-3-2 defense and explained their play. We were creating chances, so I told them that even though we were losing, we shouldn’t force ourselves to do something we don’t want to do. I told them not to make difficult passes in difficult situations. I told them to create chances in transition. We needed a goal, we conceded from a set-piece, but we knew that if we scored quickly against a team that was defensive in the second half, we could chase them down, so we went on the attack.”

On Castro’s performance: “Physically, I’ve been struggling lately. I haven’t been able to show the kind of performance I had early on. It all came together today. In the second half, against a defensive opponent, I was able to open up.” On Park Min-seo, who scored the equalizer, he said, “When I signed him, I thought he could play a good role in the offense. I didn’t specifically want him to score. I thought he would need time in the organizational movements. He had a hard time adjusting. As a striker, scoring goals gives you confidence. I think today’s goal will give me confidence and help me a lot. I think it will give us more strength.”

The next opponent is Seongnam. “Seongnam also has a good defense. Their counterattack through Chris is also threatening. I think they will come out defensively. If we can’t respond to a defensive team, we’ll be cut off. We will have to understand their defense well and prepare to solve it.” 카지노사이트

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