Arcade ‘High Score Boy’ Years Ago…Wins ‘Street Fighter’ Gold at 44

Kim Guan-woo, 44, has been crowned the first ever online fighting game champion.

Kim defeated Hsiang-Yu Lin (Chinese Taipei) in the final of the eSports Street Fighter 5 at the Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 at the Hangzhou Esports Center in Hangzhou, China, on Monday with a set score of 4-3. The match was tied at 3-3 and took the last seven games.

Street Fighter is an esport in which players choose one of several characters to compete in one-on-one online battles.

League of Legends (LoL), Street Fighter 5, FC Online 4, Battlegrounds Mobile, Prince Royale (Arena of Valor), Mong Samgukji 2, and Dota 2 were featured for the first time at the Asian Games. South Korea competed in four of them – LoL, Battlegrounds Mobile, FC Online 4 and Street Fighter 5. 카지노

Earlier in the day, Kwak Jun-hyuk (23-KT Rolster) won bronze in FC Online 4, while Kim Kwan-woo gave the Korean eSports team its first gold medal.

The LoL team defeated China in the semifinals earlier in the day to reach the final, where they will go for gold on Sept. 29.

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