“Bro, did you see?” Moon Jung-hyun looks for his brother Moon Yoo-hyun after his victory

“Brother, did you see?” Moon Yoo-hyun asked his older brother, Moon Jung-hyun, immediately after the team’s regular season victory.

Korea University 현금홀덤사이트 freshman Yoo Hyun Moon (181 cm, G) led the team with a strong performance in the 2023 regular season finale against rival Yonsei University at Goyang Gymnasium on Friday (Aug. 8). Moon’s crunch-time heroics helped the team to a 64-60 victory.

“I think the hard times made me who I am today,” Moon said. I was honored to play in front of so many of my classmates and it was an unforgettable experience. I want to hear the boat song again next year,” he said.

Moon Yoo-hyun started the day and was responsible for the front line with Park Mubin. In the first half, they didn’t show their characteristic activity and flashes of movement, but they started in earnest in the fourth quarter when they allowed themselves to be caught up.

Down by one point, they took the lead on an end-one play, and immediately followed it up with a steal and jumper to widen the gap. With Moon’s steals, points, and assists coming at key times, KU secured a valuable victory.

“Honestly, at the end of the fourth quarter, I thought we might lose the game. I thought that someone had to step up to regain the lost momentum, but I think we all panicked. However, the coach gave me valuable faith, so I was able to step up.” Moon reflected on the game.

Moon’s older brother, Moon Yoo-hyun, was absent from the team for the match due to his national training schedule. KU was shaken by the absence of its main player, but in the end, the younger Moon Yoo-hyun’s penalty shootout performance made KU smile.

“My brother gave me faith that I would do well,” said Moon Yoo-hyun. I didn’t say much, but I think it was a big boost. I could actually feel my brother’s absence, but (Park) Mubin was able to hold the center well, so we were able to win. I’ll call him right away and say, ‘Bro, did you see?'” he said, showing his affection for his brother.

It will be interesting to see if Moon Yoo-hyun can fill the void left by his older brother, who is leaving Korea University after this season to go pro. Moon Yoo-hyun will take a day off before taking on Dankook University in the College League quarterfinal playoffs on Sunday, October 10.

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