Hiddink after second knee surgery: ‘I can do a full golf swing!

Former South Korea national soccer team coach Gus Hiddink, 76, who led the team to the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup quarterfinals, is enjoying a healthy life one year after undergoing a second knee surgery in South Korea.In a recent video sent to Dr. Song Joon-seop, the director of Gangnam Jays Hospital, where Hiddink underwent two knee surgeries, Hiddink appears to have no problem playing golf and tennis.In the video, Hiddink picks up a driver and hits a golf ball off the tee with a cool, full swing.Hiddink also swings a tennis racket with no problem. His forehand and backhand strokes are both executed with full power.Hiddink joked about the condition of his knee, saying, “You’re not going to be able to play tennis against me anymore, Mr. Song, so you’re going to have to take up golf.””Even your sideways steps are very stable. Can I kick a soccer ball in October?” he asked Song.Hiddink has been struggling with arthritis in his right knee, which was operated on in February 2001 when he was in charge of South Korea, but after receiving a successful cord blood stem cell transplant from Song during his 2014 visit to South Korea, he is back to coaching football with full vigor.As time went on, he began to experience pain in his left knee, and in October of last year, he traveled to Korea again and underwent the same surgery. Now, a year later, he’s back in Korea.Through Song, Hiddink also shared some other news that fans in Korea will be happy to hear.Hiddink has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Finas.Speaking to Yonhap News Agency on Friday, Song said, “Coach Hiddink is married to Ms. Pinas. I heard that he made the decision when he was suffering from the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in 2021.”Ms. Pinas has been with Hiddink since he took charge of the South Korean national team. At a time when Korean society was more conservative than it is today, many fans viewed him in an uncomfortable light.Now a “wife,” Ms. Pinas has remained by his side.The video sent to Mr. Song was also taken by Ms. Pinas.”Yoo-hoo!” she cheered as the golf ball Hiddink hit stretched out.Since Hiddink’s arrival, Song has performed more than 2,450 cord blood stem cell transplants in Korea. As Hiddink’s success story has spread, patients from overseas, including the Middle East, have been visiting.On the 1st, Gangnam JS Hospital signed a business agreement with Cheongdam Harrison Hospital, which specializes in spinal endoscopic surgery.”Back pain and knee pain are degenerative diseases that are often accompanied by each other,” Song said, “and the two hospitals have signed a business agreement to provide more specialized and 스포츠토토링크 advanced treatment.”

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