‘Zhong Yi in Hanbok Again?” Professor Seo Kyung-Deok

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics offended many Asians by saying “Chinese New

Year” instead of “Lunar New Year”.

Seo Kyung-duk, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, has called for people to immediately report

any historical inaccuracies at the Hangzhou Asian Games, 한국야동 which kick off on March 23.

Professor Seo wrote on his social media on the 22nd, “The Hangzhou Asian Games will finally open

tomorrow. As many of you know, the hanboks worn at the opening ceremony of the last Winter Olympics

in Beijing became a major controversy,” he said.

“Even in the promotional video produced by China to commemorate the Olympic bid, dancers in

hanboks were shown dancing and spinning their top hats, and we had to watch the culture war.” “The

short-track movie ‘Fly, Light on Ice’, 성인웹툰 which was supported by the Beijing Municipal Administration

of Culture and Information Technology, portrayed Korean athletes as ‘cheating kings’ and caused a huge backlash,” Seo said.

“At the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Japanese hockey players handed out badges with the Japanese flag

on them to students as a souvenir of the Japan Hockey Association,” he said, adding that Japanese

supporters at the World Cup in Qatar used the flag and kamikaze to cheer.

“At the Hangzhou Asian Games, we don’t know when or where Chinese cultural appropriation and

Japanese historical appropriation will occur,” Seo said, “and I urge Korean-Americans, international

students, and others in China to report any such incidents to me on social media.”

“I will immediately report it to the Asian Games Organizing Committee and foreign reporters to take

measures to prevent this from happening again at a global sporting event.” 19가이드03

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