Failed process, what is Lotte Next Step? SS Focus

 Lotte’s pledge to succeed with the completed process was in vain again this year. It is always disappointing that the highest ranking for the past six years since 2018 has been 7th.

This year, Lotte will also hold finishing training instead of the fall banquet. 

This is because they fell behind in the race to advance to the postseason. 

Even before the start of the season, they emphasized that they would participate in the fall banquet with a large number of free agents (FA).  스포츠토토

In fact, it seemed like they were realizing their promise that “this year will be really different” by competing for the lead until mid-June.

As the mercury showed a steep upward curve, Lotte’s enthusiasm cooled. 

He was unable to run the summer race reliably, and went through twists and turns in the process, including internal conflicts that surfaced. 

After showing the typical example of a team that was not doing well, the team faced the worst situation when coach Larry Sutton resigned.

It seemed like they were rebounding to 11 wins and 9 losses in the month of September, but they lost momentum again in October. 

The reason they seem to be drifting without a central point or direction is not just because of their declining grades. 

There were rumors that some players went to entertainment bars ahead of daytime games, and with various rumors circulating about candidates for the next general manager and coach, the team is having a chaotic fall both inside and outside the team.

The reason Lotte remains in 7th place is because there are many voices within the team. 

It is a different story if it is a discussion looking for a constructive alternative, but there is a problem with the subtle divergence between the thoughts of the club management and the field, the thoughts of coaches in each department, and the thoughts of coaches and players. 

This means there is no trust, so it will be difficult to improve easily no matter which general manager or manager comes.

LG’s dramatic change this season begins with the field 100% understanding and sympathizing with the club’s direction. 

The new head coach and coaching staff were effective in adding density to the club’s efforts to draw a rough outline of the team and fill in the colors over the past 10 years.

Filling the lineup with young and fast players was a message that the wide Jamsil bee cannot be conquered with cannons alone, and the coaches’ decision to encourage reckless steals to acquire foot baseball know-how motivated the entire team to say, “You can do it.” It continued.

After the season started, the club left everything to the field, and the field focused only on ‘today’s play’ without paying attention to anyone. 

There was no reason for noise, so they achieved an overwhelming regular season win.

In 10 years, LG has achieved a path that Lotte has never taken in the past 30 years. Both clubs gained experience through tremendous trial and error, but only one team turned this experience into something positive.

The season is not over, but Lotte is busy preparing for the next step. In fact, it is not a big issue which person to appoint as general manager or director. If there is no fundamental change, it is clear that the same history will repeat itself like a treadmill.

The KBO League is a place where it is difficult to achieve a dynamic rebound like LG unless the team’s direction and outline are detailed. Teams that stay in place for years or disappear after a single year usually have similar problems. After 30 years, it’s time to realize it. 

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