“I didn’t know what was going to happen…” Kim Won-hyung didn’t really know until the day before. After a year as a championship coach, a hard end to the season

The SSG Landers completed their postseason schedule on May 25. Their semi-playoff series against the NC Dinos ended with a three-game sweep.

After finishing the regular season with a dramatic third place finish, the three postseason losses came as a bit of a shock.

Kim Won-hyung was scheduled to lead the team’s final camp in Kagoshima, Japan. The preparations for the Kagoshima camp started early.

It was to consist of players from the first and second teams, with the second-team coaching staff taking over if the postseason schedule got longer, and Kim Won-hyung taking over if it ended early.

However, right after the semi-playoff series, everything came to a halt.

The scheduled events, such as the rookie induction ceremony, went on as normal, and staff members with work responsibilities continued to do their jobs. However, official work stopped. 온라인카지노

Plans for the final training camp, as well as plans to replace coaches like Kim Min-jae, Jung Kyung-bae, Cho Woong-chun, and Jeong Sang-ho who were transferring to other teams, were all stopped.

It was expected that the main work would start again on Monday and Tuesday of this week, the 30th and 31st.

SSG will depart for the Kagoshima Final Camp on November 1, but they have yet to announce the roster of players and coaching staff.

On the afternoon of the 31st, SSG announced the ‘contract termination’ of head coach Kim Won-hyung.

Kim signed a two-year contract when he was first hired and renewed his contract for three years last year in his second season.

However, after one year and with two years still remaining, his contract was terminated, effectively firing him.

Kim Won-hyung was unaware of his fate until the day before.

After the series, the club didn’t say anything. Since there was no word, he was waiting for a notification.

If he was told to prepare for the final camp as scheduled, nothing would change, but if not, he knew he would have to leave.

As it became known that some of SSG’s coaching staff were transferring to other teams, some baseball players asked Kim Won-hyung about the appointment of new coaches, but he always said, “There is nothing we can do about it now.”

It also meant that he was waiting for a ‘signature’ from the club.

The first season after the unified championship. SSG’s performance this year was definitely disappointing.

There was also disappointment with coach Kim Won-hyung’s leadership and game management skills.

However, recently, when asked about Kim’s retention, the club’s leadership has been saying, “Why don’t we keep him for next year?” So this decision is somewhat unconventional.

As some baseball people say, “Kim Won-hyung was not SSG’s choice of manager, he was SK Wyverns’ choice of manager.

If he hadn’t won the championship last year, he wouldn’t have been re-signed.

The team’s performance in the second half of the year was so bad that I don’t know if this is why he quit.”

However, the opposite opinion was predominant, saying, “At any rate, it’s the first season of a three-year contract, so it’s not like the wind is blowing right away.”

However, the aftermath of the postseason shock eventually led to a change in head coach.

SSG emphasized rebuilding and change.

After “terminating” their championship coach after just one year, more eyes are now on SSG Landers’ next move.

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