Kim Tae-hyun, who was eliminated from the final roster…lucky to receive ‘military service benefits’ as a replacement player

Hwang Sun-hong almost had to play with 21 players.

That’s because the KFA discovered late that Lee Sang-min, who was fined 5 million won for driving under the influence of alcohol, could not be selected for the national team until August of this year. Article 17 of the National Football Team Operating Regulations states, “A person who has been sentenced to a fine of more than 5 million won for an act related to drunk driving, etc. and the sentence has not been finalized for three years shall not be eligible for the national team.

Since substitutions can only be made for injuries or medical reasons after the deadline for submitting entries has passed, the possibility of not being able to select a replacement athlete was raised.

However, the problem was solved when the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee gave approval for the substitutes. And on Aug. 24, at a press conference at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea Sports Federation President Lee Ki-heung announced that Kim Tae-hyun would join the national team as the 22nd player.

Kim, a left-footed center back born in 2000, was not included in the final roster announced by coach Hwang Sun-hong, but he had been on and off Hwang’s radar until the announcement. He was selected for the March-June squad and participated in the tournaments against Qatar and China, and was also called up to the Olympic squad by Changwon. 카지노사이트원

Despite being a substitute, Kim has played a respectable 215 minutes in the tournament. He was the fourth most played defender behind Park Jin-seop (415 minutes), Lee Han-beom (360 minutes) and Seol Young-woo (291 minutes).

Kim has also played for Ulsan Hyundai, Daejeon Citizen (formerly Daejeon Hana Citizen), and Seoul Eland FC, and has been playing for Vegalta Sendai in the J2 League since last year. While he hasn’t been a full-time starter, he has solidified his position by starting nearly half of the team’s 20 matches. His early resolution of the military service issue paved the way for a long career overseas.

South Korea defeated Japan 2-1 in the final to win the gold medal. According to the Military Service Act, athletes who finish third or higher at the Olympics and first at the Asian Games can serve as “arts and sports personnel” instead of military service.

Hwang Sun-hong-ho is the 20th athlete, including Kim Tae-hyun, to receive military service benefits for winning gold. Goalkeeper Kim Jung-hoon has already completed his military service, and Lee Kwang-yeon was confirmed to not have to do so after tearing his ACL.

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