Kudrón sues for “only playing private tours”…where do his fellow players stand?

“Who knew?” (Professional Billiards Player A)

“There seems to be a difference of opinion.” (Professional Billiards Player B)

Since star player Frederique Kudrong recently filed an injunction against the Professional Billiards Association (PBA), requesting to be allowed to play on a private tour, there has been a lot of talk among players and other billiards people.

It seems that a fellow player who played with him until July is confronting the PBA, the parent organization of professional billiards, and there are efforts to read the hidden meaning.

According to the outlet that first reported Kudrong’s lawsuit, Kudrong said, “The PBA is forbidding players who have been drafted by a team from participating in private tours if negotiations with the team break down.

This is a serious violation of the player’s freedom to choose the terms of his contract and freedom to enter into a contract by the PBA using its dominant position and is invalid.”

They also claimed that they had never seen a rule from the organization stating that “if a player nominated to a team does not play in the team league, they are not allowed to participate in individual tours.

In response, the organization said, “Players who are drafted to a team are required to register, and refusal to do so may limit their eligibility for various tours.”

Even before the rules were put in place in May 2022, contracts were signed, and Kudrong had signed them for the past two seasons.

“For him to say he only wants to play on the private tour is a rejection of the system, not just the rules. We hope that he can play on the Phoebe stage while abiding by the rules like other players.”

Both sides’ positions and interpretations of the rules were left to the courts to decide. Separately, players have a different take on the matter.

“Top-level billiards players sign contracts with a lot of people, including suppliers. I don’t think they signed the contract without thinking about it.”

Another criticized, “It is difficult for foreign players to live in another country, but it seems selfish for them to opt out of the team league, which is supported by the club’s investment, and only go on private tours.”

Another player said, “It is true that it is difficult to play in a team league and go on a private tour.

But I’m getting better in the team league, and domestic players usually have a ‘win-win’ mentality with their clubs.

It can be different for foreign players, and I think Kudrong also expressed his difficulties.”

The league of professional billiard teams is what attracts sponsors and puts the league on the map as a legitimate sport. 카지노사이트

The 60 or so players on each of the nine teams are paid a fixed salary by a stable organization that allows them to focus solely on their game.

Competition for a spot on a team is fierce.

Even the 9-10 private tours per year are mandatory for team league clubs to take turns hosting.

Unlike private tours, team leagues put a lot of pressure on players.

They feel a lot of responsibility for their teammates. Even Kudrong, the best player in the world, has lost back-to-back matches in team leagues.

Top players who are confident of winning prize money on the individual tour may be tempted to compete only in individual events.

“For professional billiards to have a solid foundation, players, clubs, and associations need to grow together.

More sponsors, more prize money, more opportunities for top players. As the market grows, it will be possible to introduce a new system for players’ rights, as appropriate to the situation.”

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