No special treatment for Wooyoung?

Tottenham took great care of Son Heung-min when he was injured, but national team manager Jürgen Klinsmann didn’t seem to care.

The British media picked up on this.

‘Football London’ reported on the 9th (KST) that ‘Tottenham are running an injury prevention program for Son Heung-min, and Klinsmann explained his methods. ‘Klinsmann is not keen on resting Son,’ he said.

This season, Son has scored six goals through eight Premier League rounds. He moved from left wing-forward to center forward and has thrived.

Despite this, Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou has strictly limited Son’s playing time.

The only two games in the league in which Son played full-time were against Manchester United in the second round and Bournemouth in the third round.

He was substituted in the 72nd minute against Burnley in Round 4, 80th minute against Sheffield United in Round 5, 79th minute against Arsenal in Round 6, 69th minute against Liverpool in Round 7, and 76th minute against Luton Town in Round 8. 카지노사이트원

Football London said: ‘Postecoglue has carefully managed Son Heung-min over the past few weeks as he continues to recover from a groin injury.

Concerns surrounding Son’s fitness remain.

Especially now that the international break has arrived.

Klinsmann, the Korean national team coach, explained that he didn’t give Son much hope for a break.

South Korea will play Tunisia on the 13th and Vietnam on the 17th.

“It’s natural for European players to feel tired,” Klinsmann said of Son Heung-min.

It’s hard to adjust to jet lag, but Heung-min will be less tired. He’s not going to play against Europe,” Klinsmann said, adding that he doesn’t plan to give Son any special treatment.

Tottenham finished eighth last season.

They failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, or Conference League for the 2023-2024 season.

They were eliminated early from the League Cup.

Tottenham only play in two competitions: the Premier League and the FA Cup. The FA Cup hasn’t started yet.

In effect, they’re playing only the Premier League, so they’re playing fewer games than other top clubs

However, Son Heung-min is a special case. He”s been playing with a sports hernia injury since the 2022-2023 season, which has caused him to accumulate fatigue.

Add to that the fact that half of Spurs’ offense is missing due to a string injury, and the team literally falls apart without him.

That’s why Tottenham are using him so sparingly.

The only consolation for Spurs is that they have an easy schedule.

The Premier League resumes as early as the 21st, but Spurs don’t play until the 24th. ‘

A lot of other clubs have to get back to work on the weekend, but Spurs don’t play until Monday night,’ says FootballDaily.

This could give Son a few more days of vital rest.

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