Pohang played 12 men because of a substitution mistake

Twelve Pohang players were temporarily on the field during the Jeonbuk Hyundai-Pohang Steelers match in the K League Baseball (KBO).

Jeonbuk and Pohang tied 1-1 in the 35th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Nov. 28.

Pohang made a substitution mistake in the first half. In the 26th minute, the team tried to replace injured defender Kim Yong-hwan, #3, with Shin Kwang-hoon, #17. Kim Yong-hwan was already off the field and receiving treatment.

However, the coaching staff made a mistake in writing down the numbers, and the license plates with Lee Ji-hyung’s standbys were numbered 7 and 17 instead of 3 and 17. Forward Kim In-sung was replaced by defender Shin Kwang-hoon.

Here was another mistake. Shin Kwang-hoon ran in to start the game, but Kim In-sung didn’t leave the field. Kim In-sung thought that Kim Yong-hwan and Shin Kwang-hoon had been substituted.

Jeonbuk realized this and protested to the standby referee. After hearing the situation, referee Kim Young-soo ordered Kim In-sung to leave the field. Kim In-sung, who was wearing the captain’s armband, had to head to the bench with a stern look on his face.

In the 32nd minute, Pohang brought on forward Kim Seung-dae to replace Kim Yong-hwan. It was two substitutions for one card.

There’s a chance that one more substitution card might not be enough. This was a violation of the laws of soccer regarding substitutions.

According to the International Federation of Association Football (IFAB) Laws of the Game, a player who is substituted must immediately go to the technical area or locker room and has no further role in the game. The substitute can only enter the field of play when the player being subbed out has left. Although the referee did not issue a warning or ejection to Kim In-sung, it cannot be ruled out that disciplinary action will be taken after the fact.

If the KFA decides to declare Kim an ineligible player, the problem is even worse. Some have suggested that Pohang should have received a 0-3 forfeit due to the ineligible player rule.

However, the Federation’s Competition Regulations state that “If the use of an ineligible player in an official match is discovered during or after the match and a complaint is filed by the opposing club within 48 hours after the end of the match, the club that used the ineligible player shall be deemed to have lost 0-3. However, if it is discovered that an ineligible player has played during the match, the player shall be ejected and the match shall be continued.

An ineligible player is a player who is not registered in the K League, a player who has been suspended due to accumulating warnings or being ejected, a player who has been disciplined by a punishment committee, or a player who has violated 토토사이트 the foreign player restrictions. It is difficult to consider Kim In-sung as an ineligible player because he started the game and was not warned.

In addition, referee Kim did not show a red card when he realized that Kim was on the field. This means that the referee didn’t consider him an ineligible player.

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