“Tottenham is a big club”…Maddison surprises herself with her performance…→”They’re getting a lot more attention than Leicester”

James Maddison, who has been on fire since joining Tottenham, says the attention he has received has changed.

Maddison moved to Leicester City in the 2018/19 season, where he became a fan favorite.

During his five seasons with the Foxes, Maddison scored 55 goals and provided 41 assists in 203 appearances, making him a proven Premier League player.

He also played for the England national team, which made him even more of a fan favorite.

He was heavily linked with a move to Leicester City in the 2022/23 season after the Foxes were relegated.

His passing, interceptions, and powerful kicks in the Premier League made him a target for teams looking to bolster their midfield.

However, Tottenham beat them to the punch, and despite being an outstanding resource, the Foxes were able to land Maddison for just £40 million.

Since his move to Tottenham, Maddison has been in tremendous form, performing even better than he did at Leicester City.

Along with his traditional passing and kicking, Maddison has orchestrated Tottenham’s offense, which has helped Spurs rise to the top of the table.

Spurs have won six and drawn two of their last eight league games, with Maddison contributing two goals and five assists in that span.

Some outlets have touted Maddison as the player to fill Harry Kane’s shoes next to Son Heung-min. 토토

However, Maddison believes that while he performed similarly at Leicester, the interest from Tottenham is different.

“Maddison thinks he’s getting more attention since joining Tottenham,” the British media outlet SpursWeb reported in an interview with Maddison on Feb. 22 (KST).

“Maddison believes he has been more noticed since his move to Tottenham and admits that he was performing at a similar level at Leicester, but didn’t grab the headlines.

“He excelled at Leicester, but since his move to Spurs, he has been touted as one of the best playmakers in the league.

“What I would say is that I definitely get more praise,” Maddison said in a recent interview, according to the report.

People are more aware of me because I’m at a big club.

The games I’ve played for Tottenham have been judged as really good games, but I actually thought I could have done better,” Maddison said of his time at Spurs.

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful to a team like Leicester, who are relatively small in the Premier League.

I played really well, and I think I had a good game at the time.

But it’s not mentioned because Tottenham is a bigger club in the Premier League,” he explained.

Maddison also pointed out that he is playing good soccer for Spurs.

“I feel like I’m playing the best soccer I’ve ever played, and I’m at an age where I can experience that.

But I’m only 26, I’ve got a long way to go, and I’d say I’m at the start of my career,” he said, making it clear that he wants to continue his career at Spurs.

With Maddison acknowledging the attention Spurs have received this season, it will be interesting to see if the club can finish the season in a position to live up to his words.

Maddison also had high praise for the two men behind Spurs’ rise to prominence, manager Enzi Postecoglou and Son Heung-min.

“Postecoglou is an ‘alpha male,'” Maddison said, according to the U.K.’s The Sun on July 22.

“He’s the kind of guy you want to hug every morning when you wake up,” he said of Son Heung-min.

“Even a player with a personality like Madison’s can’t ‘take a picture’ in front of Postecoglou,” said The Sun, referring to Postecoglou’s charismatic leadership.

“He’s very good at instilling passion in his players,” Madison said of Postecoglou, adding, “He has a way of speaking, and when he speaks to the whole team, it’s like an ‘alpha email’.”

“There’s a way he talks, he’s like an ‘alpha male’ when he talks to the whole team,” said Postecoglou, who is known for his ability to “tame” young, energetic players.

With Son Heung-min, however, he felt a different kind of leadership.

“When I was playing for Leicester City, he didn’t even know me,” says Maddison.

But after the game, he came up to me, shook my hand, told me how great I was as a player, and gave me a hug,” Maddison said.

“He doesn’t need to do that at all, but he does the same for other players,” he said. “

It’s fantastic because he’s a really warm person and a captain who leads by example.”

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