‘Brother-in-law, sister-in-law side-by-side in Ghana, USA’ MLB Secretariat requests identity checks on Ko Woo-seok and Lee Jeong-hoo

Brother-in-law and Mae-je will enter the major leagues side by side.

Ko Woo-seok and Lee Jung-hoo have been requested to check their identities at the same time.
The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on Friday that it had received a request from the Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat for an identity check on LG Twins’ Ko Woo-seok and Kiwoom Heroes’ Lee Jung-hoo, and notified them today that they are players of the LG and Kiwoom clubs.”
Lee had previously announced his intention to play in the major leagues after this season.

After winning various individual titles including the regular season MVP last year, he announced that he would be allowed to post overseas after the 2023 season after consulting with his team, the Kiwoom Heroes.

Despite not playing full-time this season due to injury, MLB teams have already evaluated Lee.

During Kiwoom’s final home game of the season, the San Francisco Giants’ general manager came to the ballpark to watch and applaud Lee’s play.
Go Woo-seok is also eligible to post after the season ends.

However, he needs the permission of his original team, LG Baseball.

It’s still unclear if Go will be able to take on the major league challenge right away.

The request for a background check is literally just a formal identification of the player, so it doesn’t necessarily lead to a major league contract.

However, it could be interpreted as an indication that major league teams are interested in Ko.
Both have expressed their dreams of playing in the majors early on.

Lee has consistently received offers from major league clubs as he has developed into one of the best hitters in the KBO, and last year he teamed up with Scott Boras to make a concrete move toward the majors. 카지노

Go Woo-seok, who tasted the joy of winning the unified championship with LG this year, also expressed his dream that he would like to challenge the Major League Baseball, the best stage in the world, if given the opportunity.
The request for background checks is particularly noteworthy because the two are intertwined in a special relationship.

Born in 1998,
the two have been close friends since their youth national team days, and became real family when Go Woo-seok married Lee Jung-hoo’s sister earlier this year.

Lee Jung-hoo, the son of current LG coach Lee Jong-beom, the “Son of the Wind,” and his son-in-law, Go Woo-seok, have been in the spotlight as a baseball family.

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