Lee Kang-In, who got in trouble for posting the wrong photo

South Korean soccer international Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) is in controversy for posting a photo of himself with Hwang Eui-jo, who is under police investigation for illegal filming, while thanking his fans.

On Nov. 22, Lee posted on his Instagram that he had finished his national team duties for the year.

“The 2023 national soccer team matches are over, and thanks to the fans’ support, we were able to perform well in Seoul and far away in China,” he said.

“Especially the students who took big exams and came to the stadium to watch us, I hope they were encouraged by our performance,” he said. “We will come back in 2024 to give you great strength,” he added.

He then posted several photos, one of which was a group photo with Hwang Ui-jo. When viewers saw this, they reacted negatively, saying, “Why did you have to post a group photo with Hwang Ui-jo in it?” “He doesn’t even look at it,” “He’s posting a picture of Hwang Ui-jo outright. It’s shocking” and other negative reactions.

Among them, some people refuted by saying, “It’s an official photo of the Korea Football Association, but it’s too sensitive,” “It’s not like they took a selfie together,” and “Even Kang In is an adult, but he’ll take care of himself.”

Earlier, Hwang’s status was switched from a complainant to a suspect in the illegal filming allegations on March 18, and he was first investigated. Police secured his cell phone and are conducting forensics.

On the 20th, Hwang’s camp claimed in a statement that “the video shows a woman who was dating Hwang in the past, but (the filming) was agreed upon between the lovers at the time.”

However, the victim’s legal representative refuted the claim in a statement on the 21st, saying, “(The victim) never agreed to the filming, and even when she expressed her intention to refuse, he ignored her and repeated the illegal filming.” 토토사이트

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