LG’s Park Dong-won, who shook Jamsil with reverse artillery, “We fight together with 20,000 people”

LG Twins’ Park Dong-won (33) hit an exhilarating come-from-behind home run to give his team its first Korean Series victory in 21 years. The swing sent the Jamsil Bee into a frenzy.
Park Dong-won created the most dramatic scene when he started as the No. 7 hitter against the KT Wiz in the second game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank Throwdown KBO KS at Jamsil Stadium on Aug. 8.
Coming to bat in the eighth inning with his team trailing 3-4, Park hit a changeup from KT’s vaunted reliever Park Young-hyun for a two-run arch over the left field fence.
It was the game-winning home run that gave LG its first lead of the game after giving up four runs in the first inning. Park hit the game-winning home run as LG went on to win 5-4.
The Daily Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the second game of KS went to Park Dong-won.
After losing the first game 2-3 the day before, LG’s momentum had subsided, but the victory helped them get back on track.
It was LG’s first appearance in the KS in 21 years after finishing runner-up to the Samsung Lions in 2002.

LG, whose most recent KS win was an 8-7 Game 5 victory on Nov. 8 of that year, turned back the clock 21 years later on Nov. 8.
It was not an easy day for starting catcher Park Dong-won.

LG starter Choi Won-tae gave up four runs with only one out.

With the starter’s collapse, LG was forced to utilize a bullpen day with back-to-back relievers.
Park Dong-won, the closer, worked in sync with the bullpen to avoid giving up any more runs and give the team a chance to mount a comeback.
At the plate, it was no easier.
Park went 0-for-3 in Game 1 the day before.
His early batting pace was not good today either.

With one out in the second inning, he could only manage a single, and one out later in the fourth inning, he was caught on a fly ball to left field.
His bat finally broke the silence two innings later, when he lined a single to left off KT starter William Cuevas with his team trailing 2-4.
After warming up, Park made his presence felt with a game-winning home run in the eighth inning that cut the deficit to one run.
Park, who signed a four-year, 6.5 billion won ($6.5 million) free-agent contract with LG before the season, has been on fire since joining his new team.
He led the team in the home run race early in the season, hitting 13 home runs by May.

Although the team slowed down after the midseason, the LG batting lineup anchored by the one-hit wonder was enough to put pressure on opposing pitchers.
His contributions to the offense helped the team finish first in the regular season, but he also proved his worth in the final push to the top, putting a smile on the team’s face.
As the ball flew out, the crowd let out a loud roar as they realized it was a home run. It was an unforgettable moment for Park, too.

“It was so exciting,” he said, “I got hit so hard (by the players in the dugout).

I felt like I was going to tear up a little bit,” he said.
“Our pitchers pitched better than they did in the regular season,” he said of his seven bullpen pitchers after Choi Won-tae’s suspension. 온라인카지노

In the regular season, there were some counterpitches, but there were none today.

The pitchers did a good job and were focused, so we didn’t score a run after the first inning,” he said.
Although Choi Won-tae left something to be desired, the strong bullpen, which pitched 8⅔ scoreless innings, was enough to shock KT.
“From the opponent’s point of view, it won’t be easy because they keep seeing new pitchers,” Park said.

“Each of them has a different changeup that they throw well after their fastball.

That’s why it was good to choose my pitches and I felt comfortable,” he said.
LG is trying to win its first title in 29 years, since 1994.

Fans who are eager to see the team win the title are filling the stadium every day to cheer them on.
“There were a lot of people wearing glossy jumpers,” Park said. We feel like we’re fighting together with 20,000 fans,” he said. “

There are a lot of KT fans, but LG fans seem to have done a good job with ticketing. It’s giving us so much strength,” he smiled.

“Honestly, I was looking at the third baseman when I went in.

I wanted to survive somehow and help the team, so I thought about a surprise bunt, and I hit it well.”

“The pitcher had a good pitch, so I thought I shouldn’t be late, but my swing came out well,” he smiled broadly.

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