“Look at their faces and see if they’re sorry. I like that.”

“Look at their faces and see if they’re sorry… I like that.” Rebounding from a critical error. A veteran’s longevity is KT’s strength

“When you look at their faces, you can tell they don’t feel sorry for themselves, and that’s good.”

KT Wiz lost to the NC Dinos in Games 1 and 2 of the playoffs. And in those losses, there were some costly errors, especially when they were made by their best defensive players.

In Game 1, Hwang Jae-gyun missed a very ordinary fly ball in the top of the third inning, which led to a run. In the top of the fourth inning, with runners on first and second, Kwon Hee-dong’s fly ball to right-center field was chased by center fielder Byeong Jae-dae, 바카라사이트 who thought he was going to catch it, but the ball hit his glove and fell and became a triple.

Although it was a hit on the official record, it was actually an error because it was a ball that could have been caught by Choi’s defense. In the second game, down 0-2 in the top of the third inning, first baseman Park Byung-ho failed to catch Son’s grounder, allowing the runner to score from third base.

Even if he had caught it properly, the subsequent batter would have scored the third baseman, but it was shocking that Park Byung-ho, who has always played reliable defense, made the mistake.

However, KT showed stable defense in the third and fourth games. They made mistakes, but they didn’t lead to runs.

KT head coach Lee Kang-cheol said about the early mistakes,

“I think I should say it’s a game sense. I don’t think we can ignore it,” he said, adding, “The players quickly forgot about it and played well. They are experienced players, so they seem to forget quickly and play their own game.” “If a rookie player made such a mistake, I don’t know what would have happened. “If a rookie made such a mistake, I don’t know what would have happened. If a fly is hit, they might make the same mistake again, and if that happens, they might end up having to change,” he said, adding that mistakes in big games can be traumatizing.

It’s important to quickly forget about the mistake and make the next play. Lee cites Hwang Jae-gyun as an example. “Veteran players are players who do their own thing. They don’t care if they make mistakes,” he said, adding, “When I see (Hwang) Jae-gyun’s face, I wonder if he doesn’t feel sorry for himself. He forgets about it quickly and makes the next play, and that’s good. I’m just passing by anyway, but if I can see that he’s feeling sorry for me, I can’t use it.”

He continued, “(Bae) Jung-dae is also making good plays and forgetting about it quickly. I think it was good that he hit a grand slam (in Game 1), because if he missed that chance, the mood could have continued to be bad, but I think that home run changed the mood.”

After a disappointing error in Game 1,

Hwang Jae-gyun made the same mistake in Game 4 on Wednesday, but this time he made up for it with his bat. Hwang made a mistake in the bottom of the first inning when he failed to catch a grounder by Son Asub. After three days of rest, he failed to help Cuevas with his first defense. However, he hit an RBI double in the second inning and a game-tying solo shot in the top of the fourth inning to lead his team to an 11-2 victory.

As a veteran, Hwang Jae-gyun also made headlines for his encouraging words to the players before Game 3. When we asked him what he said after Game 4, he said, “‘Even if we lose today, it doesn’t take away what we’ve done well this season from last place to second place. They are a strong team and can do it. Let’s relax and enjoy today’s game. Let’s not take it too hard,’ and I think we came back with a good result, so it feels good.”

“We had to change the tone a little bit, and it was sincere. Even if we fall out of the playoffs, it doesn’t change what we’ve done this year. We were obviously a strong team, and that means we’re a good team.”

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