NC ends fall baseball with a bang

‘Shock’ Peddie misses Game 5, NC ends fall baseball with a bang…KT’s Benjamin

No pedicabs, no NC, this is how fall baseball ends.

It’s a ‘super emergency’. The team is tired, the mood is down, and the ‘must-win card’ they trusted can’t throw the ball. NC coach Kang Myung-hwa and his players were forced to travel to Suwon with anxiety.

The NC Dinos became postseason contenders this fall with a miraculous winning streak. However, after winning six straight games, their momentum was quickly halted by a 0-3 loss in Game 3 of the playoffs against KT Wiz.

In fact, after winning Game 2, the bats of NC’s batters went cold in the early and middle innings of Game 3. They took a day off and played Game 3 at home in front of a packed house, 온라인카지노 but the exhausted NC batsmen didn’t lose their stride. The way they played in the fourth game gave me the feeling of ‘we did well, but this is our limit’.

It’s inevitable.

It was only eight games into the postseason, starting with the Wild Card Game. And because the third-place fight was so intense, the team has been in postseason mode since the beginning of October. It’s a strange situation to not be tired.

Still, NC’s hopes of making it to the Korean Series are based on the presence of “Super Ace” Pedi. The 20-win, 200-strikeout phenom pitched his team to victory in Game 1 of the playoffs with a dominant performance. He unleashed two-seam fastballs and sweepers that no human could hit. He took a ball to the forearm at the end of the regular season and missed the wild-card game and the semifinals.

Five days of rest and then Game 5. No one doubted that Pedi wouldn’t be able to pitch, but NC manager Kang In-hwa gave him some leeway after Game 4. He said that Pedi’s condition was not 100% and that Shin Min-hyuk could pitch. In addition to the season-ending injury, Pedi had reportedly been complaining of a heavy shoulder. With the possibility of returning to the U.S. after the season, the player may be worried about overdoing it and injuring himself.

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on Thursday that NC Shin Min-hyuk and KT Benjamin will start Game 5. If a player says he can’t pitch, you can’t force him to throw. However, NC faltered at the last moment. KT’s momentum is huge. ‘Reverse sweep’ vibes. The only card that could have stopped them was Pedi, and it was gone. We’re in danger of ending fall baseball on a high note.

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