“The Olympics are a war”: the NOC’s dangerous response to the ‘Marine Corps drill controversy’

Highlighting the legitimacy of Marine Corps training with logic that contradicts the Olympic Charter and Code Despite negative public opinion, training plans such as a field trip to Pohang Marine Corps Base on the 7th continue ‘Reviving the Samcheong Training Corps?”

Citizen ridicule and criticism on social media “We will minimize negative thoughts,” NOC clarifies
“How can you take such a stance, you are an agency under the Ministry of Defense?”
The Korea Olympic Committee is pushing ahead with plans to train national athletes in the Marine Corps despite negative public opinion.

On July 7, executives from the NOC’s athlete training planning department visited the Marine Corps’ 1st Marine Division in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province.

An anachronistic story seems to be coming true.
In particular, the statement of an executive of the athletic training planning department of the Korean Sports Federation is also controversial.

In a related interview with CBS North Carolina News on the same day, the executive referred to the Paris Olympics as a “war” and emphasized the necessity of training the Marines. “

A large-scale event like the Paris Olympics is a war between nations, so it’s a war without guns. So (through the Marine Corps training), we plan to provide mental education on nationalism, the importance of the country, national pride, and other aspects.”
The logic here is that the Olympics is a war, and therefore Marine Corps training is necessary (to participate).

However, Officer A’s position flies in the face of the Olympic Charter and Code.
The Olympic Charter states in Basic Principle 1 that “the purpose of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to the maintenance of world peace and to humanity by bringing together the athletes of the world in friendly competition, free from conflict of interest”.

The Olympic Code also states, “The significance of the Olympic Games is not in winning, but in participating, and what is important to human beings is not success, but effort.
“To create an opportunity for athletes to rebound from poor performance”
The NOC also emphasized that while it will implement the Marine Corps training, it will not conduct programs that go against public sentiment. “

We plan to minimize the negativity (about Marine Corps training),” said an official.

The NOC is also most concerned about athlete injuries.

We want to see it as an event that can gather the will of ‘One Team Korea’ without injuries.

We are not considering training such as helicopter repel.

We’re not trying to do anything by physically harassing (the athletes),” he explained.
“We can gather 400 people at the Jincheon National Athletes’ Village in Chungcheongbuk-do, but there’s no point in doing it at the place where they train every day,” he continued. “

Individual sports, such as archery and fencing, perform at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, such as sunrise pole drills with the Marines,” he said, adding, “The Paris Olympics is so important that we are doing it as a whole team.”

He also emphasized that the decision was made to improve the players’ performance. “

As much as the public is worried, it’s true that the players’ morale and performance have dropped a bit.

Please understand that we are trying to create an opportunity to rebound.

The executives of the Korean Sports Federation, including the president, will also be admitted. It’s not just about sending athletes to suffer.

All the officers of each sport who are available will join us,” said the NOC.
“The idea is to promote the news by shouting and taking pictures in the sea”
While the NOC is making it official that national athletes will be joining the Marines, there have been many voices of ridicule and criticism on social networking services (SNS).

On Facebook, blogs, etc., social leaders, celebrities, and even ordinary citizens are constantly registering and posting articles criticizing the NOC’s plan to enlist the Marines.
In a Facebook post, Professor A criticized the emphasis on performance, saying, “

They want to make us train in extreme sports in this cold because our performance at the Tokyo Olympics was not up to expectations and we only finished third at the Hangzhou Asian Games.” 온라인카지노

“It’s like taking a time machine back to the old days when only mental strength and determination were emphasized.

It’s a one-way street, and I’m stuck when I hear that they sent out a letter forcibly.

The letter said, “Valuing sports and respecting human rights together. (I) lost,” he sarcastically said.
Professor B said, “It’s an idea to promote the news by taking a picture of you in the sea with your fists clenched and shouting,” and fired back, “Is there any evidence that joining the Marines strengthens your mental strength?”

Housewife C said, “I know that Korean national athletes train the most in the world.

They endure more extreme training than the Marines, and I wonder what they would do if they were injured.”
Mr. D, an education consultant, said, “The Samcheong Training College will be revived soon

. How old are the national athletes, and why are they conducting Marine Corps extreme training in the middle of winter? Ignorant Xs,” he said.

Mr. E, who works at a university, mocked, “If they don’t win a medal, they should make them do 36 months of military service without distinction between men and women.

I’m already looking forward to the record-breaking performance of the Paris Olympics.”
Mr. F, a youth leader, posted a post asking for the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s mediation, saying, “

We should quickly send all the followers of North Korea, where mental strength is the most important thing, to North Korea so that the country can run properly.

If weightlifting hero Jang Jang-ran (Vice Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) agrees to train the Marines, please give up politics immediately.”

Citizen I said, “In a proper country, mental strength training is done by professionals like psychotherapists, not Marines.

The United States, a top sports power, sends Marines to provide psychological support.”

Citizen J commented, “I understand that (the president of the Korean Sports Federation) is under pressure to perform as the head of the organization, but he should find the cause of the (poor) performance and come up with a solution.

The Marine Corps is a place to train soldiers, not athletes.”
Criticized remnants of military culture “returning to the militarism of Chun Doo-hwan, Park Chung-hee, and the Japanese occupation”
Hwang Kyo-ik, a taste columnist, said, “

We’re going back to the days of Chun Doo-hwan, Park Chung-hee, and the militarism of the Japanese occupation.”

Mr. K, a representative of a publishing company, said, “

It seems that the sports federation, which is supposed to prevent the old-style training, is taking the lead and making a joke in front of the president.

It’s not that they can’t win medals because they are mentally unarmed, but because the youth population is shrinking and the base of athletics is narrowing.”
Blogs have also been posting about the incident.

L, a sports psychology blog, wrote, “Is this the best we can do.

Shouldn’t we stop looking for a hunger mentality in Korea? It’s stupid”.

The B blog, which publishes sports stories, sarcastically wrote, “

The purpose of the Korea Olympic Games is not to strengthen the national team, but to strengthen mental strength,”

in an article titled “Korea Olympic Games Going Backwards.
The KOC plans to hold a three-day, two-night Marine Corps drill from Nov. 18 to 20, involving more than 400 national athletes from each sport.

At a press conference on Oct. 8, the eve of the closing ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games,

Korean Sports Federation President Lee Ki-heung said, “

Next year, national athletes will undergo Marine Corps drills before entering the athletes’ village.

I plan to join them and move in,” which drew criticism at the time.

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