K League 1 champion Ulsan strengthens defense by recruiting Kim Joo-hwan and Shim Sang-min

Pro soccer K League 1 defending champion Ulsan HD strengthened its defense by recruiting Kim Joo-hwan and Shim Sang-min.Ulsan announced on the 5th that it had recruited side defenders Kim Joo-hwan and Shim Sang-min.Kim Joo-hwan, who played for Cheonan City FC in K League 2 last season, played 81 professional games.

Kim Joo-hwan is a side defender who actively participates in attacks based on his quick feet. Kim Joo-hwan, who has been selected for the under-17 and under-20 national teams, has also been called up to the Olympic team led by coach Hwang Sun-hong and is preparing to go to Paris.Kim Joo-hwan expressed his aspirations, saying, “I am happy to join Ulsan, but joining is not my only goal. The ultimate goal is to play an active part in the team and contribute to winning the championship.”Shim Sang-min, who mainly plays as a left side defender, also wore the Ulsan uniform.Shim Sang-min, who joined FC Seoul in 2014 and entered the professional stage, participated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and played an active role as a key fullback through the under-20 and under-23 national teams.He played in 168 professional games, scoring 1 goal and 10 assists.Shim Sang-min, who first started playing soccer at Jeonha Elementary School in Dong-gu, Ulsan, returns to Ulsan after 18 years and plays on the field.Shim Sang-min said, “I played soccer in various regions, but I have now returned to Ulsan, where I first started. I want to do well in the future and play all 무료슬롯게임 200 and 300 games here.

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