Professional billiards, round 5 of team league begins on the 6th Compete for PS tickets

The professional billiards PBA team league begins the final 5th round of the regular season on the 6th.The game will be played from the 6th to the 9th at the KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.At the end of this round, all five teams that will advance to the PBA Team League postseason will be determined.The five winning teams in each round advance to the postseason.If the winning teams overlap, the advancing team will be determined based on the overall ranking of the regular round. While NH Nonghyup Card (won the 1st and 3rd rounds), SY (won the 2nd round), and Crown Haitai (won the 4th round) have secured the right to advance to the postseason, if a winning team other than these three teams emerges, that team will have the right to advance to the postseason. .

And the remaining team determines the last team to advance based on the overall ranking.If there is another 5th round winner among the three teams that previously won, the top two teams excluding the winning team will advance to the postseason according to overall performance.The rankings of teams that have not secured a postseason qualification to date are Welcome Savings Bank (46 points), Blue One Resort/SK Rent-a-Car (45 points), Hana Card (41 points), High1 Resort (36 points), and Huons (points). 34) This is the order.Even teams that have already confirmed their advancement to the postseason must do their best until the end because the postseason matchup is determined based on overall rankings.On the 6th, the Huons-SK Rent-a-Car (1 p.m.), Hana Card-Blue One Resort (4 p.m.), SY-NH Nonghyup Card (7 p.m.), and Welcome 스포츠토토존 Savings Bank-Crown Haitai (10 p.m.) matches will be held. .

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