“You have to give prospects a chance”.

“You have to give prospects a chance”.

When negotiations between the Kia Tigers and free agent infielder Kim Sun-bin (35) stalled at the end of the year, alternatives were discussed. Infielders on the market were mentioned as alternatives. They were free agents Kim Min-sung, Kang Kang-ul, and LG outfielder Seo Gun-chang. Kim Min-sung was an alternative third baseman, while Kang Kang-ul and Seo Geon-chang could fill the void left by Kim Sun-bin.

Kim Min-sung is a B-grade player, so it was difficult to sign him because he needed compensation. Kang is a C-grade player who doesn’t need compensation. He is a utility infielder from KIA. He has fast feet, good defense, and can hit. Last year, 온라인카지노 he had only 2.1 RBI, but in 2022, he had 3.2 RBI. Seo is the first player to reach 200 hits in professional baseball. He’s an instant powerhouse.

Still, Kia didn’t pay attention and focused on negotiating with Kim.

Finally, in the new year, a three-year, 3 billion won contract was finalized. Even though the need for an alternative to Kim has diminished, the possibility of signing both players remains in the spotlight. This is because the backup infielders have not been hitting well. When the main players are out, the power of the batting lineup drops dramatically.

Looking at the infield for the new year, second baseman Kim Sun-bin, shortstop Park Chan-ho, and third baseman Kim Do-young are confirmed. At first base, Hwang Dae-in, Byun Woo-hyuk, Oh Sun-woo, and Lee Woo-sung will compete for the starting spot. The backup infielders include Kim Kyu-sung and Choi Jeong-yong, Hong Jong-pyo, who bounced between the first and second teams, Kim Do-young’s classmate Yoon Do-hyun, and 2023 rookie Jung Jung-won.

The backup infielders are especially important this year. Kim Do-young will need four months to rehabilitate a thumb injury, so he may not be able to play early in the season. Kim Sun-bin is also unlikely to play full-time. Injuries to the main players are always a possibility. However, aside from the three starters, there are no backup infielders who have shown competitiveness with the bat. Byun Woo-hyuk, who played first and third base, showed promise.

This year, Park Min-soo, a 2020 second-round pick, is being eyed as a utility infielder.

He hit .300 for the second year in a row for the Commerce. Now that he’s finished his military service, he’ll be a regular in the first team. He had a slow start in the Australian League, but has since adjusted and is hitting well.

The competition for the backup infield spot will be fierce in February’s spring training. For now, there is no clear backup. Someone will have to step up in the Australian and Okinawan camps. If the team realizes that the offense of the backup infielder could be a problem before then, they could make a transfusion. The possibility of an external recruit is still open.

“In the managerial position, it’s good to have at least one more player who can be utilized. But we also need to develop young prospects. Right now, 에볼루션 바카라사이트 Park Min is playing in the Australian League. We should give him a chance this year.” While the immediate power of an outside player with experience is appealing, it is also a realistic concern to develop the next generation of players.

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