Will sports skills and professionalism be proportional

These days, the perception that e-sports is also a sport is spreading more widely. We’ve checked if there are any stories related to the above topic in older sports. While watching a TV entertainment program, I came across an interesting scene.

I have seen a scene where Moon Kyung-eun(안전놀이터) and Hyun Joo-yeop, dubbed legends of the Korean basketball world, have a 2:2 basketball match with active female professional basketball players. Moon and Hyun also went on the road to become professional basketball leaders. It seemed that it would not be easy for women to have the upper hand over men, as it is a basketball that requires physical ability. However, contrary to expectations, active female professional basketball players won against Moon and Hyun. Of course, it was an entertainment program and a 2:2 basketball match had many variables, but I could see that even a legend of a single sport could not play better than active players.

However, not many people think that the above two have less understanding of basketball than active players or that they are behind in analysis. Since they were all former players and the best in their active careers, they have a higher understanding of the game than anyone else and have the best analysis skills.

The story is not limited to professionals who used to be a soccer player. Even non-players can stand out in related sports depending on their efforts. The closest example is soccer commentators. Commentators Han Joon-hee, Jang Ji-hyun and Seo Hyung-wook, who any soccer fan would know.

Notably, commentators Han Joon-hee and Jang Ji-hyun did not major in sports. This means that they were not related workers, let alone former athletes. However, as they were of personal interest, they studied and worked harder than anyone else to become the current commentators. As they were non-players, they may not have enough understanding of things that only athletes could understand, but they have established themselves as recognized commentators by many people through their vast knowledge, information and expertise built on them.

Taken together, how well they can currently play related sports, regardless of whether they are athletes or non-athletes, does not seem to have much to do with the field of experts. This means that sports professionals do not have to have skills that are comparable to or equal to active players.

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