‘Benbudge left Korea’ Bentu finally speaks out: “Lee Kang-In wasn’t sure about World Cup selection”

Former South Korea national team coach Paulo “Benbudge” Bento gave a heartfelt interview.

The YouTube channel ‘FC Online’ posted a funny video on the 24th. It was an interview with former coach Paulo Bento via video. Lee Yoon-kyu, a former employee of the Korea Football Association who was working next to Bento as an interpreter at the time, appeared on the show and told the story behind the scenes.

In conversation with the cast, Vento reminisced about his time in South Korea, saying, “Managing the Korean national team was the most beautiful moment of my life.”

When asked if he watched the last Asian Cup, he replied, “I always watch Korean games. Losing to Jordan in the quarterfinals is something that can happen in soccer. You have to bounce back from that,” he advised.

South Korea, who reached the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar under Bento, fell short in the Asian Cup quarterfinals. Why was Bento not re-signed?

“I can’t say what would have happened if I had stayed in charge of Korea, out of respect for the other coach. I love all the staff and players, so I won’t answer that question,” he said, defending Klinsmann.

Unlike Klinsmann, who never fulfilled his promise to stay in Korea, Bento has always lived in Ilsan. “As the head coach of the Korean national team, it was important for me to understand and respect the culture of the country,” he says. “It was important for me to stay near Paju because I am the head coach of the Korean national team and it was important for me to understand and respect the culture of the country. I chose Ilsan,” he says.

“It was not easy to say goodbye to a lot of people at that moment. It was no different from the emotions I felt when I was Portugal coach. It was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life and it was hard to control my emotions.”

What is your assessment of South Korea, the strongest team ever to reach the Asian Cup quarterfinals? When asked about the ratio of individual skills versus organizational strength, Ventura replied, “I’m not one to avoid questions, but I won’t judge Korea’s performance too much. I’m not the coach anymore,” he said, reserving judgment.

I also asked him about his criteria for selecting players for the national team. “The way I select players is that I go to the stadium and I look at the data. I see if they fit in the team and if they can grow. I think more about the best 11. I look at the players and the 토토 tactics we have prepared, the opponent, the matchup, the players’ condition, and many other things.”

He was also asked about the public opinion on the selection of Lee Kang-in. “Whether you’re a fan, coach or staff member, you can’t deny that Lee Kang-in is talented. But we thought that more analysis than that shouldn’t be based on talent alone… He was mainly thinking about attacking and not about defense. To be honest, we put him on the roster right before the World Cup. To say that I had confidence in his selection is not an honest answer.”

“The reason I put him up was because he had changed. His mindset has changed because of his performance in Mallorca. He’s a completely different player because of that experience. He admitted that he had to change his style. The other was his club manager, Aguirre. He was convinced of Lee”s transformation. He was convinced that what he showed on the training ground and in the camp could lead to good results at the World Cup.”

As for the nickname ‘Benbudge’, he said, “I heard it. I felt proud of it. It means we are a family. The team we wanted to create was a family, and I’m happy to have been a part of that moment and I’ll never forget it.”


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