Shin Jin-seo, A Thrilling Turn Over to Zhao Chen-yu

Shin Jin-seo, A Thrilling Turn Over to Zhao Chen-yu… Advance to the Round of 16 of Lanke Cup

Byeon Sang-il, Park Jung-hwan, Won Seong-jin, and Kang Dong-yoon also join the round of 16.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, the number one player in Korean Baduk, achieved a thrilling comeback victory in the Lanke Cup and advanced to the round of 16.

Shin Jin-seo was defeated by China’s 9th dan Zhao Chenyu in 283 moves in the round of 32 of the 2nd Quzhou Lanke Cup World Baduk Open held in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 25th.

Jin-seo Shin, the runner-up in the last competition, struggled until the middle of the day against Zhao Chenyu.

However, when Zhao Tianyu tried to catch the upper black stone instead of using the central white horse, he made a lightning change and turned the tide. 파워볼게임

Byeon Sang-il, 9th dan, ranked 2nd in Korea, lost after 313 moves after a seesaw game of back and forth with China’s Miwiting 9th dan.

Park Jung-hwan, ranked 3rd, fell behind China’s 9th dan Li Xuanhao until the end, but pulled off a dramatic comeback in the last minute.

Veterans 9-dan Won Seong-jin and 9-dan Kang Dong-yoon also advanced to the round of 16, defeating China’s 5-dan Jeong Ji-xiang and 9-dan Li Weiqing, respectively.

However, Shin Min-jun, Kim Myung-hoon, Seol Hyun-jun, and Choi Myung-hoon 9th Dan were unfortunately eliminated in the round of 32.

Japan’s women’s national team, 5th dan Asami Ueno, defeated China’s powerhouse She Erhao 9th dan to advance to the round of 16, causing an upset.

Iyama Yuta 9th Dan defeated China’s Yangdong 4th Dan and entered the round of 16.

Taiwan’s 8th dan Lai Junfu defeated China’s 9th dan Tan Xiao and advanced to the round of 16 alone.

As a result of the draw for the round of 16 held on the 27th, Shin Jin-seo will face China’s 8th dan Zhang Tao.

Byeon Sang-il will compete with Jang Ki-run, 8th dan, Park Jeong-hwan, will face Sheker, 9th dan, Kang Dong-yoon will compete with China’s No. 1 player, Ke Jie, 9th dan, and Won Seong-jin will compete with Yang Dingxin, 9th dan, for a ticket to the quarterfinals.

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