SEVENTEEN creates electric atmosphere for 72,000 fans at Japan’s largest dome

Some 72,000 fans of K-pop act SEVENTEEN attend 'SEVENTEEN TOUR 'FOLLOW' AGAIN TO JAPAN' at Kanagawa's Nissan Stadium, Yokohama, Japan, Saturday.  Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Despite a slight chill in the air, Kanagawa’s Nissan Stadium, one of Japan’s largest domes, was a hotbed of excitement on Saturday afternoon as approximately 72,000 fans gathered for a sole purpose: to support K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN on its Japanese tour.A massive crowd had gathered at the venue hours before the show’s kickoff, eagerly taking selfies and photos of the dome, exuding palpable excitement.”I feel ‘VERY NICE’ right now,” Natsumi, a 27-year-old fan, brimming with anticipation, said, making a reference to the band’s 2016 song.”Although I’ve only been a fan for two months, I came to this concert to support my favorite member, Mingyu. Since becoming a fan of SEVENTEEN, whenever I have a bad day, seeing Mingyu’s face cheers me up. I’m here to thank SEVENTEEN for making me feel happy because they chose to be idols.” The 13-piece act visited Osaka last weekend as part of its “SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ AGAIN TO JAPAN,” where it performed for 110,000 spectators at the city’s largest dome, Yanmar Stadium Nagai.

This weekend’s Nissan Stadium performance continues the tour, meeting a total of 144,000 fans over two days.Nissan Stadium is the largest concert venue in Japan. SEVENTEEN set a new record as the second K-pop boy band to perform there, following TVXQ! in 2018.”I think SEVENTEEN’s biggest charm lies in (its) performance skills. There’s a striking difference from Japanese idols who often showcase a more unpolished charm,” Yusei, a 22-year-old fanboy at the venue, said.Pledis Entertainment, the agency representing SEVENTEEN, and its parent company HYBE Labels attributed the group’s success in Japan to its visible growth in the country since its early, relatively unknown days. SEVENTEEN officially debuted in Japan on May 30, 2018, with its first Japanese mini album, “We Make You.””Japanese idols often adopt a growth-oriented image, starting off as less polished performers. Therefore, Japanese fans have developed a special affection for SEVENTEEN despite it being a Korean idol group, as they have observed its gradual development and growth in Japan,” an HYBE official 온라인카지노 said.

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