Solo Leveling will become Netmarble’s new cash cow, company executive says

Moon Jun-ki, business division director at Netmarble / Courtesy of Netmarble

Netmarble is confident that its new game, Solo Leveling: ARISE, based on the globally popular web novel and webcomic, “Solo Leveling,” will be its new cash cow. The action role-playing game has already recorded over 12 million pre-registrations, according to its executives.”The reception toward the game in Korea is hot, as it is based on Korean online content. Not only in Korea but also in Japan, the United States, France and many other countries around the world, many gamers are pre-registering for the game,” Moon Jun-ki, business division director at Netmarble, told The Korea Times in an email.”We’re seeing a lot of support from fans of ‘Solo Leveling’ who are enjoying the growth of Sung Jin-woo — the protagonist of the game (and the franchise) — as well as its immersive narrative and the cool combat action, and also expectations from action game fans who like to play a stylish action game.””Solo Leveling” is a web novel first released in 2016, and its online comic version has recorded over 14 billion views, becoming a global hit.Thanks to its popularity, it was also adapted as an anime earlier this year.Netmarble said the game version, which will be globally released on Wednesday, allows players to become the protagonist and enjoy stylish fighting game.

The director said this game would also be a global hit like the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.”Just as the Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross recently surpassed $1 billion in cumulative sales based on its global popularity, we believe Solo Leveling: ARISE can also become an important cash cow for Netmarble by attracting many global users,” Moon said. The director said the continuous attempts to turn online comics into games, like Tower of God: New World, can be attributed to a change in mobile game consumption trends.”Just as short-form videos have become popular, mobile games with a genre of idle game are also increasingly receiving a good response for (low commitment nature),” he said. “Webcomics also have a similar target audience as they are consumed as snack culture.””If there are online comics with good sources suitable for gamification, developing them into games has a high chance of success. The high global recognition of the comics was also an important factor in our choice.”Moon added that the animation version of “Solo Leveling” is getting a second season, which could lead to a meaningful increase in the number of new fans worldwide.The Netmarble director continued that the company would pursue a China release if conditions allow.”The release of the second season of the animation is expected to be an opportunity for the (‘Solo Leveling’ franchise) to gradually expand and strengthen through co-marketing with the game. We think this will lead to interest in the game,” the director 스포츠토토존 said.

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