Coach Kim Gyeong-moon, “Stop talking about my 900 wins I only think about chasing down Hanwha’s 5th place.”

He added a win against Doosan on the 11th, becoming the 6th manager in KBO history to reach 900 wins.

‘900-win coach’ Kim Kyung-moon, Hanwha coach

Hanwha Eagles coach Kim Gyeong-moon (65) received another bouquet of flowers after a week.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who received a congratulatory bouquet after defeating KT Wiz 8-2 at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 4th, his first game in a Hanwha uniform, received a congratulatory bouquet even after a 6-1 win over Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 11th, Hanwha Eagles representative Park Jong-tae. I picked up the bouquet of flowers handed to me by Director and Director Son Hyuk.

The bouquet from a week ago was meant to celebrate departure from Hanwha.

On the 11th, coach Kim Gyeong-moon experienced joys and sorrows, and was congratulated on achieving a milestone of 900 wins (776 losses, 31 draws).

Coach Kim, who is extremely wary of the spotlight being directed at him, politely responded to congratulations on his 900th win, but asked, “Let’s stop talking about my 900th win now.” 안전놀이터

Coach Kim repeated what he had often said in the past, “Please praise our players a lot. I would also like to thank the coaching staff,” and then added, “My personal records don’t mean much. I will do my best to help Hanwha get closer to the 5th place team.” “I plan to do my best in every game,” he added.

Even though Coach Kim has repeatedly waved his hand, the baseball player currently attracting the most attention in the Korean Professional Baseball KBO League is the new Hanwha coach Kim Kyung-moon.

Before being appointed as the head coach of Hanwha, coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who led Doosan and NC Dinos and achieved 896 wins (774 losses, 30 draws) in 1,700 games, swept the three-game series against KT on the 4th to 6th as soon as he took charge of Hanwha.

However, in the three-game series against NC Dinos played at home in Daejeon on the 7th to 9th, the team faltered with 2 losses and 1 draw.

Through articles, etc., Hanwha players also learned that coach Kim Kyung-moon’s total wins had stopped for three games at 899 wins.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon said, “I don’t care about 900 wins, but it seemed like the players were conscious of it for no reason. I hoped that by quickly achieving one win, the players would be relieved of the pressure,” and “Today’s opponent’s starter Kwak Bin’s pitch was very good, and our players focused well and did well. “I hit it,” he said with relief.

Coach Kim repeatedly handed the ball over to the players and coaches, saying, “Our team is heading in a good direction thanks to the veterans taking the lead. The coaches’ efforts should also be noted.” 슬롯사이트

There are a total of six coaches, including coach Kim Kyung-moon, who have reached the 900-win mark in the KBO League.

Former coach Kim Eung-yong holds the record for the most wins by a KBO coach with 1,554 wins (1,288 losses, 68 draws), followed by Kim Seong-geun (1,388 wins, 1,203 losses, 60 draws) and Kim In-sik (978 wins, 1,203 losses, 45 draws). , Kim Jae-bak (936 wins, 830 losses, 46 draws), and former coach Kang Byeong-cheol (914 wins, 1,015 losses, 33 draws). A total of five people reached 900 wins before coach Kim Gyeong-moon.

On this day, Hanwha played its 64th game of the season.

During the remaining 80 games, coach Kim Kyung-moon can rise to fourth place on the KBO coach’s personal wins list.

If he adds 15 wins, he will surpass former coach Kang Byeong-cheol, and if he wins 37 or more, he will surpass former coach Kim Jae-bak’s record.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who signed a ‘3-year contract’ with Hanwha, has a high possibility of becoming the third coach in history to win the title of ‘1,000-win coach’ following former coaches Kim Eung-yong and Kim Seong-geun.

This means that there will be more days when ‘Coach Kim Gyeong-moon’s victory’ will receive attention, like the day when Coach Kim Gyeong-moon won his 900th game.

However, Coach Kim said, “Today, I once again confirmed how precious one win is,” and repeatedly humbled himself, saying, “If you continue as a coach for a long time, wins will naturally accumulate. Please pay attention to other people who have accumulated wins together, not just me.” 토토사이트 추천

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