KIA Kim Do-young was celebrating at third base and was tagged out by Choi Jeong

After landing on third base, I looked at the dugout and cheered, then my feet fell off.

Doyoung Kim cheers

A rare ‘ceremony out’ occurred in the Incheon game on the 11th between the KIA Tigers and SSG Landers.

The fuse was SSG starting pitcher Drew Anderson’s dangerous threat ball.

In the top of the second inning, with KIA leading 1-0, with one out and runners on first and third base, KIA first base runner Choi Won-jun widened the lead, and Anderson committed a balk while trying to block it.

As the score increased to 2-0 with runners advancing one base at a time, Anderson threw a 153 km/h fastball toward the head of batter Park Chan-ho with a 2-ball, 2-strike count. 메이저사이트

Chan-ho Park, who was surprised, barely avoided the pitch, and while the ball fell behind, the runner on second base stepped on third base.

Park Chan-ho, who suspected intentionality, looked towards the bench and raised his voice, and KIA coach Lee Beom-ho briefly protested to the referee.

And Chan-ho Park hit the 6th pitch and made a heavy hit, then threw the bat high into the sky as if to show off to Anderson and stepped on first base.

Kim Do-young, the follow-up batter, hit Anderson’s first pitch and hit a deep ball that cut into the right-center field of the outfield.

First base runner Park Chan-ho leisurely stepped home, bringing the score to 4-0, and Kim Do-young arrived at third base leisurely and celebrated toward the dugout.

Since his colleague almost got hit in the head by a ball, Kim Do-young’s ceremony was also more dynamic.

At this time, SSG third baseman Choi Jeong-eun tagged Kim Do-young, who was celebrating, when his foot fell off the base, and sent a signal to the bench to request a video review.

The result of the video review is that Kim Do-young is tagged out. The official record also changed from ‘triple hit’ to ‘third baseman tags out after double hit’.

It was a scene created by Kim Do-young, who let his guard down for a moment because he thought he had beautifully punished a pitcher who had threatened his teammate, and Choi Jeong, an experienced third baseman. 온라인 슬롯

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