Hangzhou cheerleading squad leader Jang Jilan is known for her dedication

Hangzhou cheerleading squad leader Jang Jilan is known for her dedication and commitment to his players

Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Jang-ran is playing an active role as a cheerleader at the Hangzhou 2022 Summer Asian Games. The ministry said on Sept. 27 that the vice minister personally watched competitions, including those in unpopular sports, and cheered on the athletes.

After visiting the women’s artistic gymnastics preliminary round, women’s handball preliminary round, men’s fencing sabre semifinals, and swimming relay final on the 25th to cheer on the athletes, on the 26th, she watched the shooting air rifle mixed team event, women’s water polo preliminary round, and men’s squash team preliminary round. At the women’s water polo stadium, an unpopular sport with fewer spectators, Vice Minister Jang said, “The athletes’ physical strength must be really exhausted, but I was impressed that they did their best to the end,” and encouraged them to play more sports in the future.

At the squash match, national squash coach Kang Ho-seok said, “It’s very encouraging to support unpopular sports like ours,” and added, “Today, Korean supporters came for the first time, and our players did quite well against Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Vice Minister Jang visited the tournament’s press center and handed out snacks to more than 50 Korean journalists covering the event, 카지노사이트킴 saying, “When I was a player, I didn’t know that the media was making such efforts,” adding, “Thanks to you, Korean athletes’ performances can shine even brighter.” Vice Minister Jang also shared words of encouragement with the journalists.

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