Card Conducts Volleyball Classes for Seoul Volleyball’s Representative

Woori Card conducts volleyball classes for Seoul Volleyball’s Representative School Sports Clubs, ensuring everyone enjoys the experience

A volleyball’s class enjoyed by both players and students was held.

The Woori Card Volleyball Team announced on the 27th, “On the 25th, we held a ‘Spike Your Dream’ volleyball class for six teams from five school sports clubs that are participating as Seoul volleyball representatives in the ’16th National School Sports Club Festival’ scheduled to be held in November in Wonju, Gangwon Province.”

The six teams representing Seoul are Daejeon Elementary School (M, F), Baekseok Middle School (M), Songpa Middle School (F), Yeongrak Medical Science High School (M), and Sunil Big Data High School (F), and were selected through the Seoul Regional Qualifiers, in which a total of 178 schools participated from May to September.

Woori Card players gave the representatives of each school basic training on spiking, receiving, tossing, and serving at the students’ level and played games with them to prepare them for the actual competition.

Song Myung-geun said, “I could feel the students’ passion and determination for volleyball through their serious attitudes, and I hope they will do well at the national tournament.”

“We were surprised by the popularity of volleyball as more than 100 schools applied to participate in the first ‘Spike Your Dream’ volleyball class in August,” said Ok Dong-hoon, a scholar from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, “and we are truly grateful that the athletes created a valuable opportunity for the students before the season starts.

“Through the ‘Spike Your Dream’ campaign, which is designed and implemented in line with our ESG values, we will continue to help students in our local communities achieve their dreams through volleyball,” 먹튀검증토토사이트 said a representative from the Woori Card Volleyball Team.

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