Its 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games Korean E-sports National Team

Faker “No wrist abnormality… I will win the gold medal in the Asian Games” [E-Sports National Team Launching Ceremony]

Roll coach Kim Jeong-gyun “Faker and Chovy’s condition and form are considered to determine the players to play”

The 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games Korean e-sports national team ceremony was held on the 28th at Seoul City Hall.

The event was attended by a total of 19 national coaches and players from 4 events:

7 League of Legends (LoL), 3 FIFA Online 4, 6 PUBG Mobile, and 3 Street Fighter 5.

E-sports National Teams

The list of e-sports national teams participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 24th of next month is as follows. 온라인카지노

League of Legends coach Kim Jung-gyun, Choi Woo-je (Zeus, Seo Jin-hyeok (Kanabi),

Sang-hyeok Lee (Faker), Ji-hoon Ji (Chobi), Jae-hyeok Park (Ruler), Min-seok Ryu (Keria).

Coach Shin Bo-seok, Kwak Jun-hyeok, and Park Ki-young of FIFA Online 4.

Director Yoon Sang-hoon of PUBG Mobile, Kwon Soon-bin (Binnie),

Kim Dong-hyun (TG), Kim Seong-hyun (Sporta), Park Sang-cheol (Fabian), and Choi Young-jae (Seajae).

Street Fighter 5 event director Kang Seong-hoon, Kim Kwan-woo, and Yeon Je-gil.

Manager Kim Jeong-gyun showed his wariness against China, a strong rival.

He added, “China started the training camp about two weeks earlier,

adding, “I think it will be difficult externally because (the competition) is held in China.”

However, coach Kim expressed confidence, saying,

“I think there will be good results because I think (Korea) players are the best.”


Faker, the captain of the national team, said, “I feel a sense of mission as a national team member and will do my best.”

Ruler, who stayed with Faker for the silver medal after losing to China

at the Asian Games in Zakarat-Palembang five years ago, also said,

“I cried a lot after losing five years ago, but based on that experience, I will definitely show a good performance this time.”

Kim Jeong-gyun

The two players and manager Kim Jeong-gyun also opened up

about the competition between the two mid laners, Faker and Chovy, which drew attention.

Faker said, “I think we have a lot to learn from each other.”

He also commented on his wrist injury, saying,

“It has improved to a state that does not interfere with playing games.”

He emphasized that Chovy also said, “I think we can produce good result

by cooperating with each other rather than competing for the starting lineup.”

Coach Kim said, “Both players are top-notch players.

He emphasized, “It’s not because someone is worse,

but I’m going out after seeing all the conditions and form at the time.”

On the other hand,

in addition to Roll, the three sports teams aiming for the gold medal,

FIFA Online 4, PUBG Mobile, and Street Fighter 5, expressed their determination.

First, Kwak Jun-hyeok of the FIFA 4 team said, “E-Sports was adopted

as the first official event, and it is an honor to be with you at that moment.”

Director Shin Bo-seok also said, “I am receiving a lot of support and support,” and said, “Thank you to the fans.”

Park Sang-cheol, the captain of the PUBG Mobile team, expressed his aspirations, saying, “I will practice hard for the rest of my days and win the gold medal.”

Kim Gwan-woo, who is participating in Street Fighter 5, said, “I am thoroughly preparing,” and said, “I will be able to produce good results.”

Director Kang Seong-hoon also expressed his will to “reap the best results”, saying, “Thank you to the people who supported us, such as the Korea e-Sports Association.”

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