Seo Seung-jae, Winner of 2 World Championships in Badminton

Seo Seung-jae, Winner of 2 World Championships in Badminton, “It is an Honor to be Evaluated as ‘Post Lee Yong-dae'”

Seo Seung-jae (Samsung Life Insurance), who became the first Korean player to win two gold medals in 24 years at the World Individual Badminton Championships,

was determined to follow in the footsteps of his legendary seniors.

After returning to Incheon International Airport on the 29th

after finishing the schedule for the World Championships, Seo Seung-jae met with reporters and said,

“I feel like I’ve won two gold medals because I’ve been welcomed by so many people here.” expressed his feelings.

2023 World Championships

At the 2023 World Championships held in Denmark until the 27th,

Seo Seung-jae won both men’s doubles and mixed doubles, leaving a new page in Korean badminton history. 바카라사이트

In men’s doubles, Kang Min-hyuk (Samsung Life Insurance) and mixed doubles teamed up with Chae Yoo-jeong (Incheon International Airport) to win the gold medal.

Seo Seung-jae

Seo Seung-jae is the third Korean badminton player to win two gold medals at the World Championships held in the same year,

following Park Ju-bong (1985 men’s doubles/mixed doubles,

1991 men’s doubles/mixed doubles) and Kim Dong-moon (1999 men’s doubles/mixed doubles). all.

Seo Seung-jae said, “It would be a lie if I said that there was no physical burden in playing the two events.” turned

Men’s Doubles

Men’s doubles partner Kang Min-hyeok said, “Seung-jae hyung is a player who doesn’t express himself,

but after playing two games, I could see that he was physically exhausted.

In the past, there were many times when my older brother led me in every game,

but this time I wanted to lead and produce results,” he said.

“I think I was able to win the championship thanks to my earnestness.”

Expectations are rising that the lineage of badminton stars will continue, and right away,

the modifier ‘Post Lee Yong-dae’ began to attach to him.

Lee Yong-dae

Lee Yong-dae was active as a leading star, winning a gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a bronze medal in men’s doubles at the 2012 London Olympics.

Regarding the comparison with Lee Yong-dae, Seo Seung-jae said,

“It’s an honor to be mentioned like that because he’s such a legendary senior.

It’s still a long way for me to follow.” “he said.

Korean Badminton

Korean badminton is waiting for the revenge of the ‘No Medal’ humiliation five years ago at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which is approaching in a month.

The promotion of the doubles event led by Seo Seung-jae is more important than ever.

Seo Seung-jae emphasized, “I think we showed that ‘we can do it’ with the World Championships as an opportunity.

We will continue to improve until the Asian Games and next year’s Paris Olympics, and we will deliver good news.”

Kang Min-hyuk

Kang Min-hyuk said, “I didn’t expect to win this tournament,

but I became greedy as I focused on each game with the thought that there was nothing I couldn’t do.

This is not the end, but the beginning.

I will prepare hard for other tournaments.

Chae Yoo-jeong

Chae Yoo-jeong, who participated in the mixed doubles,

said, “I was upset when I heard that the mixed doubles in Korea was sluggish recently,

but I thought I should go on my way silently.

Thanks to that, I think I was able to get good results” promised to advance.

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