Lee Young-pyo reacts to news of Lee Kang-in joining Hwang Seon-hong…”I expect the best performance”

[AlphaEconomy=Yoo Jung-min] KBS commentator Lee Young-pyo was delighted to learn that Lee Kang-in will join Hwang Sun-hong in the men’s soccer team against Thailand at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Nov. 21.

South Korea started the tournament on a high note with a 9-0 win over Kuwait in their first match on the 19th. The squad will be further bolstered by the arrival of Lee Kang-in on the 21st, the same day as the Thailand match. Due to the tight schedule, it is unlikely that Lee will be able to play on the 21st, but it is possible that he will be captured on KBS’s local live broadcast.

Earlier, Commissioner Lee Young-pyo was cautious about Lee’s participation, saying, “The extent and speed of his injury recovery will be important.” However, once the decision was made, he welcomed Lee with open arms, saying, “Personally, I hope he will make our national team stronger and win a gold medal and show his best performance for a long time in the best team in Europe.” 바카라사이트

Meanwhile, KBS Sports released a behind-the-scenes video (https://youtu.be/qvnt9xUMPT4?si=mgkP9zC756pyPGGD) of Lee Young-pyo getting tired (?) of the 9-0 goal feast during the Kuwait game, which has been praised by soccer fans as “the best commentary and perfect humanity.

The Korean national team will face Thailand in the second match of the group stage on Thursday, Nov. 21, and Bahrain in the third match on Sunday, Nov. 24, as they look to top the group. Lee Young-pyo will be broadcasting live from the field against Thailand and Bahrain at 7:50 p.m. on KBS 2TV on both the 21st and 24th.

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