The sixth round of the CJ Logistics Super Race Championship 2023, Korea’s largest motorsports festival, will be held at the Korea International Circuit (KIC) in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, on March 23 and 24 as the ‘2023 Jeonnam GT’. Ahead of the sixth round of the Super Race, fans’ attention will be focused on the season championship in the top class, the Super 6000 class. After five rounds, Lee Chan-joon (XStar Racing – 86 points), Kim Jae-hyun (Nexen-Volgas Motorsport – 78 points) and Lee Chang-wook (XStar Racing – 70 points) are battling for first through third place in the driver standings. With only 16 points separating first and third place, the standings could change after the sixth round. Lee Chan-jun has moved up with a win in rounds two through three and a third-place finish in round three, while Kim Jae-hyun has increased his points with a second-place finish in rounds one through four and a win in round five, and Lee Chang-wook is catching up with wins in rounds one and four .With the final seven or eight rounds of the season set to be held as a double round at Yongin Everland Speedway on November 4-5, the outcome of the sixth round is expected to be a turning point in the season’s driver championship. Lee Chan-joon, Kim Jae-hyun, and Lee Chang-wook have all never won a driver’s championship before, so a fierce ‘speed race’ is inevitable in the remaining three races of the season. Of the three, Lee is the favorite for Round 6.Lee was unable to score any points in Round 5 after a crash that forced him to retire. However, he will be able to compete in Round 6 without any handicap weight. Lee will be confident heading into Round 6 after setting the Super 6000 course record (1 lap – 2:10.593) in qualifying for Round 3 at KIC in June .On the other hand, Lee Chan-joon and Kim Jae-hyun will have to run with handicap weights of 50 kilograms and 80 kilograms, respectively .Jang Hyun-jin (Seohan GP), who has been particularly strong at Jeonnam GT, is another driver to watch out for. Jang Hyun-jin (50 points), who is fifth in the standings, is recognized as a ‘Jeonnam GT powerhouse’ after winning the championship for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022.After a slow start to the season, Jang made his first podium finish with a second-place finish at Round 5 and will be looking to turn things around at Round 6.Meanwhile, AMC Motorsports has made a number of changes to its driver lineup ahead of Round 6.After back-to-back fourth-place finishes in rounds one and two, Japanese driver Takayuki Aoki will be joined by five-time GT class champion Kyung-Hoon Chung .The six rounds of the Super 6000 Class, with qualifying on the 23rd and the final on the 24th, will be available on the official Super Race YouTube channel, Naver Sports and Facebook .In addition, host 스포츠토토 broadcasters Channel A and Channel A Plus will broadcast the final live from 1:50 p.m. on the 24th.

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