The Goyang Sono Skygunners have officially launched their professional basketball team, making them the youngest team in the KBL.Sono held its inauguration ceremony on the morning of the 20th at the Gyeonggi Sonocam Goyang Grand Ballroom .The basketball team, which confirmed the team name ‘Sono Skygunners’ by adding ‘Skygunners’ to the name, organized the team around CEO Lee Kwang-soo, general manager Lee Ki-wan, and head coach Kim Seung-ki. Sono is a catchy variation of the Italian word ‘Sogno,’ which means ‘dream, ideal,’ etc. Skygunners means ‘cannons in the sky’. Broadcaster Kim Yong-man, who hosted the launch ceremony, explained, “We hope that ‘Skygunners’, which means a shooter who shoots a cannon into the sky, and Sono will meet and shoot a wonderful goal toward our dreams.”Sono will enter the 2023-2024 season with most of its roster intact, including two of the best shooters in Korean professional basketball, Jeon Sung-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun, who played in the former Goyang Day One. Various figures congratulated the organization through video messages. “I’m looking forward to the emotional basketball that the Sono team will play and the lively support from the fans,” said Jang Jang-ran, vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. “I hope they will play games that bring happiness, just like the team’s orientation of ‘happy team, relaxed mind .”We hope that your sweat and hard work will shine through, and we will cheer you on as you take a leap forward.” KBL President Kim Hee-ok added, “I hope Sono will inject new energy into the team,” and said, “I hope the team will become a team that is dedicated to basketball in a professional environment and will be loved by fans through fun and inspiring play.”Sono unveiled profile photos of the players in the new uniforms on a screen in front of him .The jerseys feature the club’s iconic light blue color with the word “SONO” in a dark font and the players’ numbers on the front .Head coach Kim Seung-ki and all 16 players in suits then appeared on the podium. “We will play strong defense and get a lot of fast breaks through steals,” said Kim Seung-ki. “We will become a team that can shoot 3-pointers at any time as long as we cross the half line according to our emblem (cannon shape).””We will do our best in any situation to become a team that will be applauded by the fans,” he said, “and we will do our best to make a special basketball journey for the fans who love basketball and the Sono family.” “I want the players, including our ace, Jeon Sung-hyun, to take more responsibility and play hard for the fans,” said captain Kim Kang-sun. “I’m grateful that the fans have been a great help in difficult times. We will become a team that will impress the fans even more this season. “Jeon Sung-hyun declared, “The name of the team is ‘Cannon Gunner,’ and I will make a great appearance as a sharpshooter in the KBL,” adding that he has the best chemistry with Lee Jung-hyun.”I have a greater sense of responsibility to win each game,” Lee said, “My personal goal is ‘Top 5,’ but the team must win first. 바카라사이트 “Lee expressed his admiration for coach Kim Seung-ki, saying, “He helped me grow a lot through the last

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