“Hwang Eui-jo, another video out, likely to be recognized as a habitual offender…minimum 2 years in prison for possession of pornography”

Hwang Eui-jo, a soccer player suspected of illegally filming a video of a sexual encounter, was reportedly found to have recorded an explicit scene without consent while on a video call with another woman.

“In the case of Mr. Hwang, there is a possibility that habitual offense will be recognized in light of the existence of multiple victims and the fact that the crime was repeated several times,” said a legal expert, adding, “If the crime of possession of pornographic materials is added to this, it is likely that the minimum prison sentence will be two years.”
According to legal and police sources on Friday, the police, in the course of investigating the women, secured new evidence of Hwang’s illegal filming and began a legal review to see if additional charges of storing and possessing pornography could be applied.
The women reportedly claimed that they were secretly recorded after complying with demands to expose their bodies during video calls with Mr. Huang.

Police plan to conduct a forensic examination of Hwang’s cell phone and laptop to determine if he informed the woman of the recording.
Legal circles have predicted that if this case is added to the illegal filming charges against Mr. Huang, he could be facing an aggravated sentence.

They also believe that under the new regulations on purchasing, storing, and possessing illegal filming, which were established after the so-called “Room N” incident, Hwang could be sentenced to prison.

Min Kyung-cheol, a former prosecutor at Dongkwang Law Firm, said, “Although Mr. Hwang and the woman claimed different things, if he recorded the video call without her consent, it is illegal filming.” “Whether there was consent or not is the most important thing,” he said.
“When the previous charge is combined with this one, (Mr. Hwang) becomes a co-conspirator,” he said, adding, “It’s not necessarily true, but the statutory sentence for co-conspirators is increased by one-twentieth of the upper limit.

It’s true that it’s treated more seriously than if there was only one charge.”
“In cases such as video call recording, it is not easy to prove that consent was given,” said Ahn Young-rim, a former prosecutor at Sunseung Law Firm.

“If (the victim) claims that he or she later realized it and asked to delete it, it becomes a non-consensual recording.

It’s not consensual,” he emphasized.
“It’s a second offense, so the penalties are going to be higher,” he said, adding, “There’s a good chance you’ll be charged with a second offense.

It would be best to settle at the trial stage.”
“(The police) may apply the crime of possession of obscene material after specifically looking at how long Mr. Hwang possessed the illegal footage and whether he copied the videos from his phone to other storage media,” said Kim So-jeong (Kim So-jeong Law Firm). 카지노

“If the crime of possession is added, the minimum sentence is likely to be two years in prison even if he receives a leniency.

Especially in the case of Mr. Hwang, given the multiple victims and the fact that the crime was repeated several times, there is a possibility that habitual offender status may be recognized.”
“A sentence of more than three years in prison is possible.

It will be difficult to prove his innocence.”

“You can also be punished for possessing or storing illegal filming or reproductions,” said Do-yoon Kim, a lawyer at Yulsam Law Firm.

“Especially after the Room N case, there has been a trend to strengthen punishment for possessing, buying, storing, or watching pornography.”
“Depending on the outcome of the investigation, it is possible that Mr. Hwang will be punished.

However, it will be impossible to know whether or not he will be punished and the level of punishment until the specific facts are revealed.”
However, Attorney Cho Eui-min (ESTI Law Firm) said, “After filming, the video is stored on the phone, but it is questionable whether it can be considered a separate possession crime.”

“If Mr. Hwang did not save and store the video on another device, it is likely that only the crime of filming using a camera or other device will be established.”

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